Author: Joseph Wallace
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The new postapocalyptic thriller from the author of Invasive Species IT’S THEIR TERRITORY NOW.


Author: Sean O'Kane
Publisher: Cambridge House Publishing Limited
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Social Evolution In Ants

Author: Andrew F. G. Bourke
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Split sex ratio theory predicts that nonparasitic ants are more likely to show
bimodal sex ratios than slave-makers. This is because in slave-makers the
controlling party is assumed to be the queen (Sections 4.4, 5.3), whose
relatedness ...

The Behavioural Ecology Of Parasites

Author: E. E. Lewis
Publisher: CABI
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The predation hypothesis is unlikely to be a complete explanation, since the ants
in the various phylogenetic lines in which slave makers occur are not strongly
predatory and do not attack other ant colonies as a major component of their ...

Encounters With Animals

Author: Gerald Durrell
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Occasionally one of them would meet one of the slavemakers and would turn
tailandrun back tothe nestto joinoneofthe many groups of his relatives who
weregatheredin littleknots,apparently holding a council of war. This careful
investigation ...

The Earth Dwellers

Author: Erich Hoyt
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Explores the world of ants in a Costa Rican nature reserve in a study that is told from the ant's perspective, and profiles such ants as the leafcutter scout and swarm-raider male

Sensory Systems Of Arthropods

Author: Konrad Wiese
Publisher: Birkhauser
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of hierarchical relations among foragers of a mixed colony of F. sanguinea
suggested a higher hierarchical status for the slavemakers (Harkiv, 1985). But in
our experiments we chose mainly more active, highly mobile ants. Individual
labeling ...


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Slave-makers might raid genetically diverse colonies more easily, leaving
monogynous or weakly polygynous colonies as survivors in areas where the
slave-makers occur. Alternatively, the slave-makers may preferentially settle in
areas that ...


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Mean values of niche overlap for slaves and slave-makers •The higher of each
pair of values (resident! vs. residents or invaders vs. residents) is shown in

Les Insectes Sociaux

Author: International Union for the Study of Social Insects. Congress
ISBN: 9782867070112
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In the Formicinae, species of the Formica sanguinea group are facultative
slavemakers and those of the genera Polyergus and Rossomyrmex, obligate
slavemakers. We tested three hypotheses: (1) The more frequent slavery is in a
species, ...