Small John Deere Tractors

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In the 1930s, when manufacturers began marketing their wares to the holdouts, they began building smaller, inexpensive tractors designed to do the work of two mules.

John Deere New Generation And Generation Ii Tractors

Author: John Dietz
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John Deere New Generation and Generation II Tractors: History, Models, Variations & Specifications 1960sā€“1970s examines these Big Green machines in detail, with vivid, color photographs of restored tractors; archival images of ads, ...

Standard Catalog Of John Deere Tractors 1st

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Deere began making the engine, instead of using one made by Hercules. The
Deere engine had provisions for an electric starter. These small John Deeres
were made in the Moline (Illinois) Wagon Works. Owner: Keller Collection 1935
in the depths of the Great Depression. Engineer Willard Nordensen and four
teammates were given the directive to ā€œ...make a small tractor, but don't spend
any money at it.ā€ The Moline Wagon Works production was declining, due to the
Depression ...

John Deere Two Cylinder Tractor Buyer S Guide

Author: John Dietz
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Deere's smallest two-cylinder tractor for a garden emerged at a few retail
dealerships in 1937. At this point all Deere tractors were built at Waterloo.
However, the development task for Deere's smallest tractor went to lra Maxon,
chief engineer at the John Deere Wagon Works plant in Moline. lt would be
easier to add in the tooling and assembly work there than to scale up further at
Waterloo. ln 1936, the Wagon Works team hand-built 24 experimental Model Y
tractors and produced ...

The Big Book Of John Deere Tractors

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With the uprating of the B, the demand for a smaller row- crop model was
apparent, so work on an experimental Model OX began in late 1937. The
following spring, unstyled models were at work, but by the summer Dreyfuss had
styled the new tractor, and in January 1939 production of the Model H began at
Waterloo. The pre-production number H-1000 had been sent to Nebraska for
testing in October 1938 and produced 11.67 drawbar and 14.84 belt hp at 1,400
rpm. At the same ...

John Deere Tractors

Author: Holly Bollinger
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already had intentions of building a tractor for every farmer at that time, The
dozen-plus variations of its smallest tractor to date, the Model B, reflected the
company's goal to fit every type of farm. But the smallest and most stubborn
farmers still weren't buying tractors. The holdouts became Deere's new target
market. For the first and last time since the beginning of the ...

John Deere Tractors

Author: Jonathan Whitlam
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a four-forward and single-reverse transmission. The Model G was the largest row
crop John Deere tractor so far. Later versions were equipped with a high and low
transmission giving six ratios. The LA, sold alongside the L from 1940, featured a
12 hp engine and a solid bar frame and also had the option of a rear PTO,
adjustable front axle and electric starting. As the smallest tractor in the range, the
L and then the LA represented only a niche position in the tractor market as a

How To Restore Classic John Deere Tractors

Author: Tharran E. Gaines
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Because of its small size, low price, and versatility, the B seemed to be the perfect
choice for a small farm. As a result, it became one of the best-selling tractors in
John Deere's history. With production runs totaling 322,200 units, it was right up
there with the A in popularity and sales. In the 1930s, both the A and B were not
only available in several specialized versions, but they were also the first Deere
tractors available with pneumatic rubber tires. The 1930s also saw a growth in
the ...

Ultimate John Deere

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1923: John Deere announced its all-new Model D. It was a 22/30-hp two-cylinder
standard-tread tractor based roughly on the Waterloo Boy but completely
reworked with an integral frame and an enclosed final drive. The D was produced
continuously from 1924 until 1953 and is ... First seeded as a drilled crop after
small grains in a three-year rotation, soybeans became a row crop in the Corn
Belt by the end of World War II. 1945: Deere & Company bought Lindeman
Manufacturing of ...