Small John Deere Tractors

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In the 1930s, when manufacturers began marketing their wares to the holdouts, they began building smaller, inexpensive tractors designed to do the work of two mules.

John Deere New Generation And Generation Ii Tractors

Author: John Dietz
Publisher: Voyageur Press
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John Deere New Generation and Generation II Tractors: History, Models, Variations & Specifications 1960sā€“1970s examines these Big Green machines in detail, with vivid, color photographs of restored tractors; archival images of ads, ...

John Deere Two Cylinder Tractor Buyer S Guide

Author: John Dietz
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That family came into production in 1937 at Moline. lt was the smallest two-
cylinder tractor built by Deere and was built in Waterloo for about 10 years until
the new Dubuque facility opened in 1947. Waterloo began building the second
family of small- farm tractors in 1939 with introduction of the Model H. ln 1947, the
small-tractor lines at both Waterloo and Dubuque were shut down when the new
Dubuque facility opened. Model H John Deere introduced its smallest Waterloo
tractor, ...

Original John Deere Letter Series Tractors 1923 1954

Author: Brian Rukes Andy Kraushaar
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Below: lntroduced in the 1934 model year, the Model B John Deere became one
of the most popular and versatile models in Deere's letter senes By production's
end. the Model B had assumed more model vanations than any other tractor in
Deere's lineup. ... The other thing that spurred Deere toward the smaller end of
the row-crop spectrum was the competition; for instance, the 1932 introduction of
International Harvester's small Model F-12 had certainly caught Deere's attention.

How To Restore Classic John Deere Tractors

Author: Tharran E. Gaines
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The good news is that antique tractor parts are much easier to find today than
they were in the past, thanks in part to the growing interest in tractor restoration.
In addition to the new parts that are still available through John Deere dealers,
there has been a proliferation of small companies that specialize in restoration
parts. Through the sources listed in the appendix and in many of the restoration
and tractor club magazines, you can find everything from reproduction grille
medallions ...

Ultimate John Deere

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The largest John Deere tractor became more powerful in 1 955 as the new Model
80, after engineers revamped its engine and features. Increased cylinder ... The
Stronger Model 8o Continuing to meet the demand for more horsepower in its
largest tractor, Deere replaced the R with the Model 80 in 1955. Its diesel-only
power ... It was upgraded from the Model R to include the same hydraulic
systems and live PTO as the smaller John Deere Numbered Series models. "The
Model 80 ...

John Deere Two Cylinder Collectibles Collector S Reference Guide

Author: Greg Stephen
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More recently, John Deereā€” associated collectibles have created a new legion
of enthusiasts. Why this fascination with a tractor and the name John Deere?One
hundred sixty years after its founding, the John Deere Company remains
independent and a world leader in producing agricultural equipment. Deere's
consistent policy of producing reliable, quality equipment with the features
desired by its customers soon led it to the top of the tractor industry. This was in
no small part due to ...

The John Deere Legacy

Author: Don Macmillan Wayne G. Broehl
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With the introduction of the New Generation tractor Models 3010 and 4010, the
rest of Deere's family of tractors needed to be updated. New sheet metal and
features were applied to both the smaller and larger series of tractors to identify
them as a family of products. The large Model 5010 was introduced with styling
and operating features similar to the 4010. A smaller series of tractors were being
produced by Deere's Dubuque factory and an entirely different series of tractors
by the ...

John Deere Industrials

Author: Brian Rukes
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The Model R come to life just in time for Deere's industrial program. Even though
the model wasn't designed specifically for industrial use, its power, dependability,
sturdiness, size, and impressive fuel economy were just the things many
industrial customers wanted in a tractor. Randy Leffingwell Most Model R John
Deeres toiled away doing what this. Waterloo is where Deere tractor production
started, and Waterloo certainly seemed to get it right, right from the start. The
tractors ...

John Deere Tractors And Equipment

Author: Don MacMillan
Publisher: Amer Society of Agricultural
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As Bob Lovett, a retiree from Deere's export department, described the situation, "
It took a long time, like four years, to beat enough swords into enough
plowshares, and plows, and tractors, and grain drills, and combines to fill the
pipeline. In fact it is true to say that Deere did not ... engine to the Model "D"
tractor. With the success of the Ferguson system and its built-in hydraulics and
draft control, it was apparent that a new small tractor was needed to compete with
this development.