San Luis Drainage Feature Re Evaluation

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Each reactor was sampled three times per week and analyzed for total selenium
and nitrate (as N03). The DP-25 ... On August 19, Reactor 1 was taken offline
when the earthen berm it rested on became unstable. Table 2 and ... By late
September, nitrate concentrations are seen to fall in both Reactors 2 and 3. The
impact of ...

Mad Science

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Fall. On a warm California morning – July 12, 1959 – just outside Los Angeles,
workers at the experimental nuclear reactors at the Santa Susana Field
Laboratory reported for duty. Those who worked on the Sodium Reactor
Experiment, one of ...

Federal Staff Directory 2007 Fall

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... Nuclear Materials Allendale Road Systems Analysis Branch 301-415-5694
Safety Branch 1 610-337-6952 OFFICE OF ... H. Moorman Chief, Reactor
Projects Forsyth Street and Safeguards Branch 610-337-5114 Branch 1 404-562-
4647 ...

Title Listing Of Power Reactor Docket Information

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Semiannual environmental report, Fall 1973. ... (Florida Power Corp., St.
Petersburg (USA)). 8 May 1974. lOp. DOCKET-503u.:-1.JB CRYSTAL RIVER
NUCLEAR ... Effects of high energy piping system breaks outside the reactor

Development Of Facilities In San Diego To Support The Homeporting Of One Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier San Diego County

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Fish contamination No where in the DEIS were the results trom the 1990 Fish
Health Risk Study for San Diego Bay cited. ... This is a very signiticant impact and
one that is scarcely addressed and not at all mitigated. 3. Risk Irom accidents We
do not agree that there is any way to ensure that air emissions lrom a nuclear
reactor accident could be held to ... such a degree that an individual standing on
the boundary of the fall out area would receive approximately 0.0l mrem/hr of

San Diego Magazine

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The prediction of nuclear reactor vessel faiF- ure unfortunately does not fall into
this category". Edison announced twice, once in February 1982 and again in
October 1983, that SONGS 1 had been given a clean bill of health by NRC
regarding ...

Nuclear Reactors Built Being Built Or Planned In The United States As Of

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Slof S-1 vior..." to in or it doring April - M., y 1965. Operation terminated
unexpectedly atto i ! 3 '', y's at low or, pro's. ... Slt FS-3, is in storage at Santa Soo--
ont. ... Therefore tip ice propul- - siun reactor experiments in context with other
reactor 1pp'icut:ons operate for minutes rather .... Brazil, in the spring of 1961; in
Lima, Peru. in the fall of 1961; in Mexico City in the spring of 1962; in Santiago,
Chile, in the ...

Conference On Inertial Confinement Fusion 26 28 February 1980 Osa Ieee San Diego California

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94550. ln a lithium fall lCF reactor, the fall has three main functions: to breed
tritium for pellet resupply. to act as the primary heat exchange medium ... entire
fall thickness, the neutron energy density at the inner radius is generally 1-2
orders of magnitude higher than at the outer. ... and Neutronics of Lithium Fall
Laser Fusion Target Chambers," at Third Topical Meeting on Fusion, 9-11 May
1978, Santa Fe, ...