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only The noodles are so tender that they absorb all the flavours of the gravy,
which is thick and delicious. Mee siam This dish is basically bee hoon served in a
sweet-sour gravy. The bee hoon is blanched before it is fried with chilli paste and
ground dried shrimps, giving it a light reddish tinge. The gravy is prepared
separately, mainly from tamarind (which gives the sour taste), dried shrimp, bean
paste and a ...

Singapore Cooking

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Singapore. Ingredients. Assam gelugor is the Malay name for the sweet-sour
garcinia fruit that resembles a dried apple. Dried slices of the fruit are used as a
fruity souring agent in place of tamarind pulp in some Malay and Nonya dishes.
Asian basil (daun kemangi) is used as a seasoning and garnish, and there are
several varieties. The most common is known as Thai basil or horapa and is fairly
similar to European and American sweet basil. It is used liberally as a seasoning
and ...


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Stewed pork with preserved vegetable is a traditional Hakka dish which
foreigners may find a bit oily, but fried cow stomach with bean sprouts is
wonderfully piquant, a sweet and sour dish with a touch of fresh chilies. Most
exciting are the dishes cooked in freshly made rice wine. The sweet smooth
steamed chicken is exactly that — tender cubes of chicken steamed in wine. The
fried frog legs in red wine are prepared with the rice residue from the wine. These
tender frog legs are fried ...

Chinese Cuisine Rohana Choo S Kitchen

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Singapore Noodles Singapore Noodles is a meaty dish that includes shrimp,
chicken and pork, and is hearty and delicious for lunch or dinner. This recipe
serves 4. Ingredients You will need: 16 ounces vermicelli or angel hair pasta 4
ounces chicken, sliced 4 ounces pork, sliced 4 ... Remove cover and add soy
sauce and bean sprouts. Stir for 3 to 5 minutes, or until hot. Pour sauce over
noodles. Toss gently and serve. Sweet and Sour Noodles Sweet and Sour
Noodles are ...

The Cooking Of Singapore

Author: Chris Yeo
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... 39 Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Shrimp and Chinese Sausage, 78, 79 Strait of
Malacca, 20 Straits Chile Sotong, 116 Straits Chinese, 21 cooking, 14 Straits
Settlements, 17 Straits-Style Beef in a Crisp Taro Bowl, 146 street food, 14
Stuffed Bean Curd, Eggplant, Bitter Melon, and Peppers, 100 Sumatra, 22
Swatow, 18 Sweet and Lemony Chicken Thighs, 140 Sweet and Sour Peppers
and Eggplant, 90, 97 Sweet Chile Sauce, 156, 162 sweet rice, 39, 84 Sweet-Sour
Pineapple Pickles, ...

The Singapore Wink

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... followed me into the cabin whose stifling small space reeked of stale sweat,
mingled with the odor of rotting copra that had the sweet and sour locker room
smell of old jock straps and dirty sneakers. “Hello, Sam,” I said. “Sit down,”
Dangerfield said. “Want a drink? Don't think I ever offered you a drink before, did I
?” “Not of your own booze.” “Well?” “No thanks.” “This your partner?” he said,
nodding his head at Trippet. “That's right.” “Trippet, isn't it?” “Yes,” I said. “Sit
down, Mr. Trippet.


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In Singapore's heat and humidity it's important to keep up your fluid intake.
Bottled mineral water is widely available and cheap, as are a mouthwatering
variety of fruit juices, particularly the ubiquitous lime juice, a sweet, sour,
magnificently refreshing drink that acts as a perfect counterbalance to spicy, oily
foods. Most food courts have a specialist drinks stall offering a huge variety of
freshly squeezed juices for $2 to $3. There are some unusual drinks, too. Try soy
milk (flavoured and ...

Handy Pocket Guide To Tropical Fruits

Author: Wendy Hutton
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A savoury salad of sour or unripe fruits found all over Indonesia, Malaysia and
Singapore, combined with a spicy, pungent sweet-sour sauce. Suggested fruits:
half-ripe papaya, sour mango, water apple, Otaheite apple, cashew apple, salak
and pineapple. Cucumber can also be added. 2 cups mixed sliced or diced fruit 1
teaspoon dried shrimp paste 1 tablespoon thick black shrimp paste (or 2
teaspoons dried shrimp paste) 1 heaped tablespoon tamarind pulp 1⁄4 cup warm
water 2 ...

There Are No Chinamen In Singapore

Author: Ralph P. Modder
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Instead of sweet-sour pork — there could be sweet-sour Scottie!" She began to
cry. Although her husband tried to tell her that her fears were totally unfounded,
she kept a close watch on the attention Ah Seng and his wife paid to Scottie. One
Sunday, during the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts, while Mrs Brown and her
husband were gardening, they saw Ah Seng and his wife all dressed up and on
their way somewhere. They also noticed that Ah Seng was carrying a package
wrapped in ...