The Protestant Ethic And The Spirit Of Sport

Author: Steven J. Overman
Publisher: Mercer University Press
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The Ephemeral Spirit of Amateurism The thrill of real sport [is] playing, not for
championships, for titles, for cash, for publicity, for medals, for applause, but
simply for the love of playing. –John Tunis The modern spirit of amateurism
emerged in Victorian England's elite universities and private athletic clubs as an
artifact of the class system. The amateur athlete was equated with the gentleman
sportsman who participated out of love for the game. The distinction of amateur
was tied to the ...

Practical Taxidermy A Manual Of Instruction To The Amateur In Collecting Preserving And Setting Up Natural History Specimens Of All Kinds To Which Is Added A Chapter Upon The Pictorial Arrangement Of Museums

Author: Montagu Browne
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spirit (containing only 49 per cent. by weight of pure alcohol as against 84 per
cent. contained in rectified spirit) is, says Dr. Guenther, the lowest strength which
can be used. These will then stand as NO. 19.—RECTIFIED SPIRITS OF WINE (
spirituous solution is absolutely required, I would substitute for pure spirits of
wine methylated spirit (alcohol containing a certain percentage of impure gum or
undrinkable ...

Amateur Cinema

Author: Charles Tepperman
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520959558
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In his 1904 article “The Amateur Spirit,” American essayist Bliss Perry itemized
the amateur economists, sociologists, preachers, and critics of art and literature “
who have plenty of zeal, but no knowledge of standards, no anchorage in
principles.” In contrast to these amateurs, dilettantes, and dabblers, “the real
workaday progress, the solid irretraceable advance in any art or profession, has
commonly been made by the professional.”6 But as Perry knew, modernity and
scientific ...

Small Gauge Storytelling Discovering The Amateur Fiction Film

Author: Ryan Shand
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748656359
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As this chapter will show, Watkins can be seen as one of the most tangible
bridges between the worlds of amateur and professional filmmaking, whose
study helps to clarify the values and belief systems of the respective sectors.
Indeed, even after he turned professional, Watkins continued actively to espouse
the amateur 'spirit' over the professional in almost every regard, directly
challenging what he believed to be the spurious 'professionalism' of the mass
media. For Watkins, film ...

Destiny Of Change

Author: Kenneth Schneider
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 059530415X
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What is important is that every individual have many available avenues for
personal expression characterized by the broad personal commitment of the
amateur. In community, at least, the vital spirit of the amateur should normally
override the cold precision of the professional. The professional's supremacy
rests with his skill, the amateur's with his spirit, and community is preeminently
the place for expressions of the human spirit. Just as the attitude of the
professional now radiates to ...

Literature In The Making

Author: Nancy Glazener
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199390142
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The lead essay in Bliss Perry's The Amateur Spirit (1904) confronted the new
organization of knowledge more directly, seeking to reclaim the best of
amateurism. The essays in the volume were written while Perry was editor of the
Atlantic Monthly, where most of them were published, and was also teaching at
Princeton University. The Amateur Spirit includes several essays that take a
sociological approach to academia, analyzing university life and college
professors for the wider ...

The Amateur

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For the Amateur. TO Dearest, thy sweet, enchanting smile Beams on my memory,
like the ray, That lingers on some ruined pile, When sinks the glorious eye of day.
Oh! does thy spirit ever fly - To scenes that passed so fleetly by— To those dear
hours whose tender light Is fading slowly into night? I sit within the flashing hall,
Where first I heard thy dove-like tone; And while Joy crowns the festival, In
sadness feel I am alone! Alone—though beauty, wit and mirth, To gild the
dreariness of ...