The Enlightenment On Trial

Author: Bianca Premo
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190638745
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This is a history of the Enlightenment--the rights-oriented, formalist, secularizing, freedom-inspired eighteenth-century movement that defined modern Western law.

Visions Of The Enlightenment

Author: Michael J. Sauter
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004176519
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used the fates of Johann Heinrich Schulz and Friedrich Wilhelm Brumbey to
establish how deeply committed the enlightened bureaucratic elite were to the
maintenance of social con- trol among the lower orders. The origin of the desire
to discipline and control was the bureaucratic elite's access to state power. Being
a responsible member of both the bureaucracy and the cultural elite motivated
people such ...

The Many Faces Of Clio

Author: Q. Edward Wang
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 9781845452704
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Enlightenment. on. Trial. Reinhart. Koselleck's. Interpretation. of. Aufklarung.
Franz Leander Fillafer Die Aufklarung als solche herrscht nur, indem sie ihre
Herrschaft verdunkelt. Reinhart Koselleck, Kritik und Krise In Reinhart Koselleck's
oeuvre a latent disaster organizes the "catastrophic process of modernity,"- or in
his terminology, Neuzeit: It is this utopian self-exaltation that leads mankind to
claim history and gives rise to the human imagination of making history. This
utopian ...

Proceedings In The Trial Of The Case Of The United States Vs John W Dorsey John R Miner John M Peck Stephen W Dorsey Harvey M Vaile Montfort C Rerdell Thomas J Brady And William H Turner

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The tin has now come for its final di'scussiou and decision, and the propositi
submitted raises that question and one or two others which must l> for the
enlightenment of your honor, and in the performance of the <li ties of counsel,
fully discussed. Of course we predicate the propositi! in part, of a very different
opinion from that expressed by the couus upon the other side, to wit, as to the
effect of the proof already i in establishing a conspiracy between these parties.
And the questio must ...

Double Exposure

Author: Bernard Faure
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804743488
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... that continues to block any real access to other types of rationality. On the other
hand, it tells of a constant blackmail applied by reason, a logical Manicheanism
that drives those who are disappointed or dissatisfied to turn to the opposite
extreme. Certainly, to put the Enlightenment on trial in the way that John Saul
does in Voltaire} Bastards, a violent attack against the tyranny of rationalization
that traces such single-minded thought back to Voltaire and Rousseau, makes
little sense.

The Life Of Guiteau And The Official History Of The Trial Of The Guiteau For Assassinating Pres Garfield

Author: H. H. Alexander
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tions of his mental and moral characteristics, and contribute largely to the
enlightenment of the Court and jury upon the vital question of mental
responsibility. It was, therefore, in accordance with the desire expressed to me by
the District Attorney that he was allowed such latitude of conduct, unrestrained
except so far as necessary to conduct the proceedings at all, in order to furnish to
particularly the expert witnesses who were present an opportunity to diagnose
his case. It was thought ...

Blasphemies Of Thomas Aikenhead Boundaries Of Belief On The Eve Of The Enlightenment

Author: Michael F. Graham
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
ISBN: 0748634274
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Boundaries of Belief on the Eve of the Enlightenment Michael F. Graham. 5. Trial.
and. Execution. Thomas Aikenhead's trial and eventual execution would be
major public events, allowing Scottish authorities the opportunity to confront the '
atheism' they feared was festering in the capital, to demonstrate their commitment
to 'godliness' and to clarify the boundaries of acceptable speech and debate. For
many of them, this was the time to uphold the covenants with the full force of the
law, ...

The Case For The Enlightenment

Author: John Robertson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139448079
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chapter3 The intellectual worlds of Naples and Scotland 1680–c.1725 'atheists'
on trial There were trials of 'atheists' in both Scotland and Naples at the end of the
seventeenth century. As so often in such prosecutions, the victims in the two
cases were young men. In other respects the trials were markedly different. In
Naples the case was complex, protracted, and inconclusive. It began in 1688,
when the twenty-one-year-old Francesco Paolo Manuzzi denounced two slightly
older ...

Athens On Trial

Author: Jennifer Tolbert Roberts
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400821320
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Though the study of antiquity was frequently dragged down by insipid moralizing,
interest in classical politics and history intensified during the Enlightenment era.
At the same time, however, the appearance for the first time of narrative histories
of Greece nurtured a view of Athens that conceived its history as an unbroken
line leading to the defeat at Chaeronea. In both Europe and America, eighteenth-
century writing about the ancient world was frequently motivated by the desire to

Error Without Trial

Author: Werner Bergmann
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 9783110107753
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Ironically, even thinkers of the Enlightenment in France and England used
traditional Christian defamations of Jews and their religion to attack Christianity.
There is good reason to agree with those historians who see strong continuities
between what was now called Christian "anti-Judaism" and modern "antisemitism
." Still, the most destructive effects wrought by antisemitism, although occurring in
a nominally Christian country and carried out by baptized Christians, were
planned in an ...