Practice As Research

Author: Estelle Barrett
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In any case, it underlines the point that Australia and invention are cognate terms.
As practice-based researchers, our research is not supplementary to Australia's
interests—it is the interest of our inventions that secures it. You can see, then, that
a discussion about the ethics of invention extends beyond the particular uses to
which particular inventions are put. Even the apparently clearcut issues raised by
the invention of the hydrogen bomb, or the progress of the ge- nome project, ...

The Ethics Of Protocells

Author: Mark A. Bedau
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262292297
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Unlike a whole genome invention (on this form of invention, see generally O'
Malley, Bostanci, & Calvert, 2005, in particular the discussion of the M. genitalium
patent), the Venter Institute's application seeks to define a novel kind of genomic
composite. The provisional patent claims present the invention as a “set of
protein-coding genes,” and this set is constructed in such a way as to define the
invention not as a variant of the M. genitalium bacterium but as an entirely novel
kind of ...

The Ethics Of Genetic Commerce

Author: Robert W. Kolb
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470691670
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Patent protection is not meant only to encourage the production of new
inventions, but it is also designed to encourage their disclosure. By giving
protection which is broader than that granted to trade secrets, inventors are
encouraged to publicize their innovations by publishing a patent. Keeping an
invention secret stifles innovation by preventing others from using it or from
learning from it, and wastes resources because keeping a secret can be very
costly. The exact criteria which are ...

The Ethics Of Writing Instruction

Author: Michael A. Pemberton
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9781567504705
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Finally, ethical codes are relevant to the service issue because ethics play a key
role in writing theory and practice. Tracing the history of ethics in rhetoric/
composition, James Porter (1993) argues, for instance, that ethics are inextricably
tied to theories of invention. Because invention involves the construction and
distribution of knowledge, the field must consider power (how knowledge is used)
and ethics (the aims of that use of knowledge). Additionally, many teachers call
for exposing ...

The Ethics Of Exile

Author: Timothy Strode
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135494606
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Both the inventory and the novel, I argue, are committed to the discursive
discovery of, and really—in a root sense—the invention of America. However,
these are not two species of invention; rather, I will suggest that invention
operates from the ground up, in accordance with the demands of human dwelling
, and within an interiorizing economy that confers com modity status upon natural
objects (in the case of the inventory) and literary events (in the case of the novel).
The literary ...

The Ethics Of Intensification

Author: Julie Eckinger
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402087225
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Agricultural Development and Cultural Change Paul B. Thompson. At the core of
the new wave of change was the shift from informal to formal methods of
invention and innovation. Before 1600 most change was probably introduced by
a practicing artisan who knew his or her material intimately, and the names of
clever inventors are forever lost in the dust of history. After, a series of
transformations eventually placed the responsibility for cleverness in the hands of
professional scientists ...

The Ethics Of Teaching

Author: Michael A. Boylan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351890441
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clearly requires imagination and invention. This generative aspect to critical
thought is also evident in thinking within traditional subject areas. Making
assessments and solving problems within traditional disciplines are seldom
automatic procedures. Rather, the reasoner must go beyond the confines of the
given information, supplying imaginative constructs. Perkins makes this point with
respect to mathematics: The evident challenge posed by many mathematical
problems plainly ...

The Ethics Of Information

Author: Luciano Floridi
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191023272
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Such an approach had the goal of explaining through which processes of
invention, writing and transformation a project has become a text onto which the
institution will confer the status of literary work or not (d'ex- pliquer par quels
processus d'invention, d'écriture et de transformation un projet est devenu ce
texte auquel l'institution conférera ou non le statut d' uvre littéraire). (Gresillon,
1994, p. 206; my translation) However, the concept differs from the
constructionism outlined in ...

The Ethics Of Narration

Author: Colin Riordan
Publisher: MHRA
ISBN: 9780947623258
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geworden. Sie sah verschlafen aus, sie hat seit langem mit Niemandem groß
gesprochen. Sie nahm die Sonnenbrille erst ab hinter dem aufblitzenden
Türflügel. Sie trägt die Sonnenbrille nie in die Haare geschoben. (JT, 12) But it
would foolhardy to dismiss the three passages prefaced by 'Ich stelle mir vor' as a
mere self-indulgent, but otherwise nugatory, representation of personal
experience. The invention of a fictional character Gesine Lisbeth Cresspahl is
registered by means of ...