Cinderella S Son And Snow White S Daughter

Author: Shira Koren
Publisher: Contento de Semrik
ISBN: 9789655503081
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Both children and adults will enjoy reading these amusing tales. Moreover, they will marvel at the fine parody on the original tale woven into each sequel. This is a book for everyone at any age.

Fairy Tales Myth And Psychoanalytic Theory

Author: Veronica L. Schanoes
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317136772
Size: 29.71 MB
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Similarly, in the 1990s, second-wave feminist clinicians continued the work begun by Chodorow and Miller, while writers of fantasy that include Terry Windling, Tanith Lee, Terry Pratchett, and Catherynne M. Valente took their inspiration ...

Grimm S Fairy Tales

Author: Jacob Grimm
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But all his croaking was useless; although it was loud enough, the King's
daughter did not hear it, but, hastening home, soon forgot the poor Frog, who was
obliged to leap back into the fountain. The next day, when the King's daughter
was sitting at table with her father and all his courtiers, and was eating from her
own little golden plate, something was heard coming up the marble stairs, splish-
s lash, splish-splash ; and when it arrived at the top, it knock at the door, and a
voice said, ...

Classic Fairy Tales

Author: The Brothers Grimm, Yei Theodora Ozaki, Lewis Carroll, Hans Christian Andersen, Alexander Afanasiev, J. Macgowan, Madame Gabrielle de Villeneuve, Joseph Jacobs, Andrew Lang, Charles Perrault, and many others
Publisher: Slavamax BVBA
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The Old Griffin German fairy tale HERE was once a king, but where he reigned
and how he was called I know nothing about. He had no son, only a daughter,
who was always ill, and no doctor could cure her; but it was prophesied to the
King that his daughter would eat herself well with an apple. So he made it known
all over the kingdom that whoever brought his daughter some apples with which
she could eat herself well should marry her and be King. Now a peasant who had
three ...

Fairy Tales By The Brothers Grimm

Author: Gebrüder Grimm
ISBN: 3845011319
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When the king came and saw this, he was greatly astonished and pleased; but
his heart grew still more greedy of gain, and he shut up the poor miller's daughter
again with a fresh task. Then she knew not what to do, and sat down once more
to weep; but the dwarf soon opened the door, and said, 'What will you give me to
do your task?' 'The ring on my finger,' said she. So her little friend took the ring,
and began to work at the wheel again, and whistled and sang: 'Round about,
round ...

The Truth Is In Dreams Stories And Fairy Tales

Publisher: dreams and fairy tales
ISBN: 9519638091
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This would appear to be the foundation for fairy tales where the father remarries,
thus bestowing upon the child an ”evil stepmother”. The atmosphere prevailing at
home constitutes the child's inner reality. A child's release from the harmful
atmosphere of the home is dealt with, for example, in 'The Spinners at the Well'
by the Brothers Grimm. 'His Daughter and Her Daughter' is one of its Finnish
versions, which, after its model, could be also titled as 'The Spinners at the Hole
in the Ice'.

Complete Fairy Tales

Author: Jacob Grimm
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135142378
Size: 29.63 MB
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“A boat which will go quicker on dry land than on water,” replied Hans, “and when
I have finished it, I am to have the King's daughter for my wife.” “Well,” said the
little man, “such an one shall it be, and remain.” In the evening, when the sun had
turned into gold, Hans finished his boat, and all that was wanted for it. He got into
it and rowed to the palace. The boat went as swiftly as the wind. The King saw it
from afar, but would not give his daughter to Hans yet, and said he must first take
a ...