The Fat Mexican

Author: Alex Caine
ISBN: 1459624807
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The compelling story of the rise and rule of one of the world's most feared outlaw motorcycle gangs - in the bestselling tradition of Dead Man Running and The Brotherhoods.

Low Fat Mexican Cooking

Author: Patrick Earvolino
Publisher: Voyageur Pr
ISBN: 9780896582774
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Over 100 healthy recipes that cut the fat and calories of the most popular Mexican foods.

Mexican Low Fat Cooking

Author: Cole Publishing Group
Publisher: Cole Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781564268167
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A repertoire of healthful, nonfattening Mexican recipes, based on traditional favorites.

The Belly Off Diet

Author: Jeff Csatari
Publisher: Rodale
ISBN: 1605298204
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WEEK. 2. SHOPPING. LIST. DAIRY low-fat American cheese low-fat blueberry
yogurt mozzarella cheese blue cheese eggs fat-free egg substitute Cedar-Plank
Salmon (page 179) 1% or fat-free milk Parmesan cheese reduced-fat Mexican
blend cheese FRUITS AND VEGETABLES alfalfa sprouts basil leaves apples
asparagus avocado broccoli button mushrooms celery baby spinach baking
potatoes cherry tomatoes cilantro bananas English cucumber BREADS,


Author: Stephen Wilson
Publisher: iUniverse
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We seemed to not comprehend what this meant, so he called over an extremely
thin Mexican who bore a striking resemblance to a weasel. The weasel called
himself Victor and spoke passable English. In a drugged haze, Victor explained
to us that the fat Mexican was the boss in charge of all the prisoners. Everything
in the prison would cost money—dinero. Victor told us we had to pay 200 pesos
apiece to keep the prisoners from attacking us en masse, and to keep from doing

The One Percenter Encyclopedia

Author: Bill Hayes
Publisher: Motorbooks
ISBN: 1610598016
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>I< FAT MEXICAN SUPPDRT CLUB - Based in Australia, it's kind of obvious that
this a Bandidos support club, taking its name from its affectionate and accepted
referral to the Bandidos center patch (it's also the title of Alex Caine's The Fat
Mexican: The Bloody Rise ofthe Bandidos Motorcycle Club, an enigmatic book
that was really more about one specific incident—Canada's socalled “Shedden
Massacre”—than an overall examination of the Bandidos' growth into motorcycle
club ...

The Bughouse Affair

Author: Marcia Muller
Publisher: Forge Books
ISBN: 1429997214
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through. A naked fat man and an equally naked, equally fat Mexican girl were in
the process of scrambling offa rumpled bed in a confusion of arms and legs,
while Dodger Brown sprinted past to an airshaft window on the opposite side. He
was frantically trying to open the window far enough to squeeze his scrawny
body through when Quincannon reached him, caught hold of the collar of his
longjohns, lifted him off his feet, and yanked him around. Brown fought him with
body twists, ...