The Giant Germ

Author: Anne Capeci
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 9780439204200
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We also learned that these tiny beings can have HUGE effects. That's how we knew we were in for BIG trouble when we ran into the GIANT GERM!

Night Reflections

Author: Robert Thomas Winn
Publisher: Humanix Books
ISBN: 1630060712
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could come to Nancy's rescue, a giant germ jumped in front of me, poised to bite.
He had four protruding eyes and twenty or so hairy arms and was fully a foot
taller than me when he stood on his hind legs and made a hissing sound. He was
so horrific; I awoke with a jolt. I sat straight up in bed, palms and forehead sweaty,
trying to get my bearings in the middle of the night. I didn't attempt a return to my
dreamland because being awake was easier and less stressful than being

General Cytology

Author: Edmund Vincent Cowdry
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022625125X
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Notes on the dimorphic spermatozoa of Paludina and the giant germ-nurse cells
of Testacella and Helix,” ibid., 63, 401–44. 1919a. “The identification of
intracellular elements,” J. Roy. Micr. Soc., 147, 93-118. 1919b. “W. Limnaea,”
Quart. J. Micr. Sc., 63, 445-92. - 1919.c. “WI. Apanteles glomeratus,” ibid., 64, 133
-53. — 1920a, “VII. The modern technique of cytology,” ibid., 64, 267-301. 1920b.
“On the relationship between the formation of yolk and mitochondria and Golgi
apparatus ...

The Process Of Spermatogenesis In Animals

Author: Edward C. Roosen-Runge
Publisher: CUP Archive
ISBN: 9780521212335
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Gatenby, J. B. (1917). The cytoplasmic inclusions of the germ cells. II. Helix
aspersa. Q. J. microsc. Sci. 62, 555-612. Gatenby, J. B. (1919). The cytoplasmic
inclusions of germ cells. IV. Notes on the dimorphic spermatozoa of Paludina and
the giant germ-nurse cells of Testacella and Helix. Q. J. microsc. Sci. 63, 401-43.
Hickman, C. P. (1931). The spermiogenesis of Succinea ovalis Say, with special
reference to the components of the sperm. /. Morph. 51, 244-89. Hsiao, S. C. T. (

Quarterly Journal Of Microscopical Science

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Notes on the Dimorphic Spermatozoa of Paludina and the Giant Germ-nurse
Cells of Testacella and Helix, 63, 4ol-43, pls. 25, 26. — (Io) Part V. The
Gametogenesis and Early Development of Limnaea stagnalis L., with special
reference to the Golgi Apparatus and the Mitochrondria, 63, 445–91, pls. 27, 28. *
— (II) Part VI. On the Origin and Probable Constitution of the Germ-cell
Determinant of Apan teles glomeratus, with a Note on the I2 The Quarterly journal
of Microscopical Science ...

New Scientist

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The President originally promised to destroy "existing stocks of bacteriological
weapons" and the White House speaks of "dismantling biological warfare
facilities". But it is now clear that the phrases are being interpreted as narrowly as
possible. Large quantities of germs have in fact been destroyed. But the
bacteriological weapons delivery hardware, which the Army says is the same as
that used for standard munitions, remains intact. Further, the giant germ-breeding
plant at Pine Bluff, ...

The Faithful Spy

Author: Alex Berenson
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9781588365422
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He hadn't needed to attack the Centers for Disease Control headquarters to get
them, or to sneak into Vector, the giant germ factory in Siberia where the Soviet
Union hid its biological-weapons research during the Cold War. Tarik hadn't even
needed to leave the house. He had just needed to be home when a FedEx
delivery truck rolled up, so he could sign for a package from the Muhimbili
Medical Center in Dar es Salaam. Tanzania had scores of plague cases every
year, and its ...

The Guardians

Author: Ana Castillo
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0307485722
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“He looks like a giant amoeba.” It was true. There seemed to be no form to the
man. “Do amoebas smell?“ I asked Miguel. “Bacteria does,“ he said with a wink.
The Giant Germ had just been released from the nearby prison. “Yeah, La Tuna
ain't all that tough." he bragged. as if he were talking about I-Iarvard. “lid been
there before. anyways." Nobody asked El Toro Arellano what he had done time
for—more than once. lust by looks alone, you could imagine him capable

C H I P S In China

Author: Jim Williams
Publisher: Bing Long Books
ISBN: 0986776114
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The blanket, he felt, was like a giant germ trap with boys coughing and wiping
their unwashed hands on it. He had even seen a boy's gob running down the
edge. Why were they never washed? he wondered, but he already knew the
answer that Relic had given him on his first day in the Middle Kingdom: ―Never
ask, ̳Why?' in China.‖ Pushing through the heavy cloth, he marvelled at how
the sub-zero temperatures inside were intensified by the wind's full force. Oh, my..
. It was at ...

Drowning In Sand

Author: J. Marc Harding
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1524511684
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“It makes me wonder about her, about the lady in the giant germ bath over there.”
“Ms. Nevershe.” “Yes, yes. It's just so curious, don't you see?” “I've seen alright,
oh, yes, I've seen. I don't know whether curious is the word.” “But it makes me
wonder about her blood.” “Her blood?” “Makes me wonder if it is something in
there that is transferable to you, well not you, rather to others.” “If she's contagious
?” “Yes, yes, something like that. Well, of course, we know she's not contagious
from ...