The Gold Miner S Daughter

Author: Jackie Mims Hopkins
Publisher: Peachtree Pub Limited
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Gracie Pearl has until sundown to find some gold to pay the rent to Mr. Bigglebottom, or he will take back the family gold mine and force her to marry him.

Gold Miner S Daughter

Author: Mabel W Thomas
ISBN: 9780692818084
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Historical memoir of a young girl in an 1880s California gold mining town, focusing on family and daily rituals, social history, Cornish heritage, the fragility of boom town fortunes, and a child's awareness and sensibilities.


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The booths were installed six years ago. God knows what Ruppert will do when
he sees last summer's revamp of the lobby. THE GOLDMINER'S DAUGHTER
Just downhill from the Alta Lodge, adjacent to the Collins lift, sits the Gold-
miner's Daughter Lodge, the GMD. Its four dormlike buildings, arranged in a
squashed star shape, are covered in the pebbled caddis-shell exterior that was
and large life-insurers. The overall feeling is of a postwar Midwest Lutheran
women's college, with ...

Licentious Liberty In A Brazilian Gold Mining Region

Author: Kathleen J. Higgins
Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 9780271042558
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owned by Manoel de Oliveira, but both were freed by Oliveira 's daughter who
had inherited them. In 1766, Barbara de Oliveira declared that although she
herself had never married, among her heirs were her parda daughter Francisca
dos Anjos, her married granddaughter Anna, and Anna's two sons. Like other
slaveholders in Sabara, Barbara de Oliveira carefully considered which of her
slaves to free and under what circumstances. In the case of some of the smaller
slave children, ...

The Chief Factor S Daughter

Author: Vanessa Winn
Publisher: TouchWood Editions
ISBN: 1926741617
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the dust that John stirred up by kicking stones along the stump-filled road to the
Finlaysons' home, Margaret was thankful for the calm summer weather. Rough
conditions made the boat ride from Victoria's harbour to Esquimalt's treacherous,
and the only other route was the Esquimalt road, leading from the Victoria
Harbour bridge past the Songhees Indian village and on to Esquimalt Harbour.
Mr. Work had forbade travelling this road at night. Frequented by gold miners, it
had become, ...


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DORMITORY ACCOMMODATIONS $ 12.60 per person Includes Breakfast &
Dinner Ski Shop: Sales, Rentals, Kepairs Write SNOWPINE LODGE, Alta, Utah
84070 Phone Ml I '742-9943 Send me that factbook immediately. I'd like to see
what white hot skiing really looks like. UTAH TRAVEL COUNCIL HALL DEPT. S-
31 SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH 84114 STATE. . ZIP _ (essential). There's gold in
them thar hills! The Schlitz Cup. It'll. 9i\ta ^krttuian So&ge Gold Miner's Daughter
The most ...

Der Fluch Der Fitzgeralds

Author: John Dennis Fitzgerald
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Will verließ The Deacon's Place und spazierte die belebte Straße entlang, bis er
auf eine Taverne stieß, die einen ähnlich ausgefallenen Namen trug — The Gold
Miners Daughter Saloon and Variety Hall. Außer der üblichen Theke, den
Pokertischen und den sonstigen Glücksspiel- Vorrichtungen wies diese Kneipe
noch voller Stolz im Hintergrund eine kleine Bühne auf, wo ein großes Schild
ankündigte, daß die einzige Variete-Vorführung in Silver Plume allabendlich
pünktlich um ...

Zeitschrift F R Erkrankungen Der Atmungsorgane

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-Key u orda: Lung Cancer - Ionizing Radiation - Mining - Dwelling A high
mortality from lung disorders among miners was reported already in the 16th
century, first by Paracelsus and somewhat later by Agrícola (1). Centuries later is
was ... Some of these populations had apparent exposure to radon and radon
daughters, i.e. short-lived radioisotopes of polonium, lead and bismuth, but
arsenic exposure might have played an etiological role for the African gold
miners. Further studies of ...


Author: Karen E. Bender
Publisher: MP Publishing
ISBN: 1596929863
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That winter, in one of the mountains' most popular ski areas, the Gold Miner's
Daughter Lodge waited to explode. In the center of the Mormon Temple, in the
center ofthe city, acouple dressedin white clasped hands inthe room of
Endowments, reenacting the Garden. The Temple was the center, the whole city
expanding outward inthe four directions, a grid thatstretched on until itreached
the tundraof the salt flats. Here theDonner party had stoppedbefore their deadly
winter in the Sierra ...

Calamity S Daughter

Author: Rebecca Willman
Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.
ISBN: 1622878329
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Emma asked innocently. “Oh, never mind,” Dora said, giving Janey a sly wink. A
few minutes later, the three ladies were outside in the bright sunshine, the air
crisp and cleansed of yesterday's oppressive heat. Already the streets were
bustling. Dora acted as a tour guide, citing interesting buildings along the way.
Most of the structures had started out, she said, as shacks or tents serving as pool
halls, gaming houses or saloons. The gold miners found respite in town from their
long and ...