The Gritterman

Author: Orlando Weeks
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 1846149908
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A Pound Of Flesh

Author: Alex Gray
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0748117385
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The gritter man said I had to tell you about it. A man ...' The girl's voice cracked
and Lorimer caught the sound of a muffled sob. 'He came at me. He was, he was
goin' to kill me,' she whispered. 'Where are you now, Lily?' 'At a flat. I sleep over
here with some other girls. You can't come here, though!' The girl's voice rose in
alarm. 'I would like to see you, though, Lily. Can you come into town? Meet me at
the dropin centre in Robertson Street, perhaps?' 'Well ...' Lorimer heard the doubt
in ...

Snow Kills

Author: RC Bridgestock
Publisher: Caffeine Nights Publishing
ISBN: 1907565639
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All but one had been in darkness and she assumed that the occupants of the
others were stranded elsewhere. Maybe the house with the light on was Mavis's
home and she had decided to not attempt the train journey to her sister's after all
and the gritter man had dropped her off at home? Kayleigh's spirits rose for a
moment, but a sudden bang on the passenger door made her jump. She could
see a face squashed up against the window and she quickly hit the button to lock
the doors.


Author: Institution of Highway Engineers
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Next, the area foreman, who keeps abreast of the tank driver, controls the lengths
of spraying done by the tank and ensures the tank does net run away from the
gritters. The area foreman decides all details of the progress, but takes no active
part in the actual operation. He is the brains and controls the coverage, &c. The
ganger and the griiter-shutter operator come next. The ganger controls the lorry
drivers and the gritter man as well as the remainder of the personnel employed
behind ...


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The ganger controls the lorry drivers and the gritter man as well as the remainder
of the personnel employed behind the tank. Following the gritting lorries are two
men with brooms, whose job it is to brush back the chippings from the edge of the
newly-sprayed strip, to assist the tank driver and operator to make a clean centre
road joint in spraying the second width. These broom men also touch up any
inequalities in the spreading of the chips from the gritter. Lastly, a man with a
barrow ...

Secretary S Report

Author: Harvard University. Class of 1889
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JOHN MILTON GITTERMAN Born March 14, 1867, New York, N. Y. Father's
Name Henry Oitterman. Mother's Name Diana Lehmaier. Married Alice E. Sterne,
April 14, 1898, New York, N. Y. Business Address Interstate Commerce
Commission, Washington, D.C. Residence 1917 I St., N.W., Washington, D.C. .
Degrees Ph.D., Freiburg, 1890; A. M. , Columbia, 1892 ; LL.B. , New York Law
School, 1893. Gritterman studied at German universities for the two years
following 1888, and then ...

Apicultural Abstracts

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... A. K. Two-queen colonies for a plentiful yield of honey, safe wintering, means
of propagation and of swarming control G" Wohlegemuth, E. Measures furthering
the utilization of spring flow H1vEs AND EQUIPMENT 638.142 s Martinez Rubio,
E. Plastic frame boxes G Raudszus, O. Beehives made of foam plastics G
Ritterman, V. Polyvinyl foundations E Rousseau, M. On the sterilization of foul
brood wax (A.F.B.) FEEDINGBEES 638.144 o Tangen, O. Scent control of bees
by means of ...