The New International Encyclop Dia

Author: Frank Moore Colby
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... and the Irish Literary Revival (1904), and Oliver Goldsmith, a Critical Biography
(1907); he edited the Lincoln Tribute Book: (1909), English Love Poems (1909),
The Lost Art of Conversation (1910), and, as associate, The World's Wit and
Humor (10 vols., 1906). In 1914 he served as associate editor of the NEw
INTERNATIONAL YEAR Book, and he contributed articles on topics in American
and English literature to the second edition of the NEW INTERNATIONAL

The New International Encyclop Dia

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In 1890 he became editor-in-chief of The International Encyclopaedia, continuing
as such until 1901, when, with President Gilman and Professor F. M. Colby, he
edited The New International Encyclopaedia. He was also the editor-in-chief of
Appleton's Atlas of Modern Geography (1892) and of Masterpieces of Literature (
1899). In 1895 he assumed the editorship of The Bookman when that magazine
was established, and thereafter published the following works in general
literature, ...

Encyclopedia Small Silver Coins

Author: Roger Dewardt Lane
Publisher: Roger deWardt Lane
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A new water supply was at once introduced from the mountains nearAvellino, 50
miles away, and plans were elaborated for a new sewer system, for new streets,
new squares, and new buildings. Of 271 old streets 144 were to be abolished
and 127 widened; the habitations ... the government. The population of Naples in
1901 was 563,540. New International Encyclopedia,1910 ... New International
Encyclope- dia,1910. FOOTNOTE: Victor Emanuel II died on January 9, 1878. He
was ...

New International Encyclopedia Of Bible Words

Author: Lawrence O. Richards
Publisher: Zondervan
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This OT symbolism is carried over into the NT in the three places where the
Greek word eu-dia ("aroma," "fragrance") is found. In two of the passages, eu-dia
is linked with osmē ("smell," "fragrance"). Eph 5:2 speaks of Jesus' death on
Calvary as a "fragrant offering and sacrifice to God." In Php 4:18, Paul views a
money contribution from the Philippians as "a fragrant offering, an acceptable
sacrifice, pleasing to God." In 2 Co 2:15, Paul views himself and his ministry as "
the aroma of ...

New International Encyclopedia Of Bible Difficulties

Author: Gleason L. Archer, Jr.
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310873371
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There Jesus mentions “the abomination of desolation which was spoken of
through [dia with genitive] Daniel the prophet.” The phrase “the abomination of
desolation” (or “which makes desolate”) occurs in Daniel 9:27; 11:31; 12:11. The
important thing to observe is that Christ was not simply referring to some book in
the Old Testament named “Daniel” but rather to the agency of Daniel personally,
since dia with the genitive always implies personal human agency. If these words
of Christ ...

New International Encyclopedia Of Bible Characters

Author: Paul D. Gardner
Publisher: Zondervan
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... alone that the Creator addresses himself personally. In Gen. 1:22 he
pronounces blessing over the animal creation: 'blessed . . . and said', but in v. 28
he 'blessed . . . and said to them'. They are conscious auditors of the word of God
with a spiritual dimension to their nature whereby God speaks and they hear.
This leads on to the fifth aspect of the image of God in Man, the moral factor.
Alone in creation, humankind lives knowingly under the law of God. The diagram
above makes this ...

International Encyclopedia Of Information And Library Science

Author: John Feather
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134513208
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There are some restrictions on the international flow of books through the trade,
although these have substan— tially diminished since 1989. Further reading
Altbach, PG. (1987) The Knowledge Context: Com— parative Perspectives on
the Distribution of Knowl— edge, State University of New York Press. Coser, L.A.,
Kadushin, C. and Powell, WW ... number contain the term 'Y'. In a Venn diagram
these two sets of documents are repre— sented by two circles that overlap when
some ...

International Encyclopedia Of Ergonomics And Human Factors Second Edition 3 Volume Set

Author: Waldemar Karwowski
Publisher: CRC Press
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Where the transitions arise from human actions, we define the transition as a
subgoal of product operation, and refer to the HTA for the "task" or "plan" to
achieve that subgoal. For transitions requiring human action, the relevant task
number or, where applicable, the plan number, derived from the HTA is attached
to the transition lines in the SSD leading from one state to the next to produce a
TAFEI diagram. We mapped user actions, defined by both plans and by single
actions, onto ...

Dictionaries An International Encyclopedia Of Lexicography

Author: Rufus Gouws
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110238136
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Next to the diagram on the right the year with the highest frequency of the
expression and the total frequency count is given. Underneath this diagram, a
text explains why the lemma sign was used as a new expression in German at
the time of its appearance. The last component of each article is a position for
citations. According to its back cover, Quasthoff-Neo also gives the time of the first
citation of each neologism. This cannot be confirmed. Duden-Neo is a short
dictionary which ...