History Of Civilization The Prehistoric World Or Vanished Race

Author: Emory Adams Allen
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As to the works of the Mound Builders, one class of critical scholars think they see
in them the memorials of a vanished race, and point out many details of
construction, such as peculiarities in form, in size, and position, which they think
conclusively prove that the works in question could only have been produced by
races or tribes far more advanced in culture than any Indians. This belief finds
expression by a well-known writer in the following words: “A broad chasm is to be
spanned ...

A Dictionary Of Symbols

Author: J. E. Cirlot
Publisher: Courier Corporation
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Vestigatio arcani sensus in Apocalypsi. Antwerp, 1619. ALCIATI, Andrea,
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traditionnelle. Paris, 1952. — De la Nature des symboles. Paris, 1958. ALLEN,
Emory A. The Prehistoric World or Vanished Races. Cincinnati, 1885. ALLEN,
J. R. Early Christian symbolism in ...

Dictionary Of Symbols

Author: J. C. Cirlot
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134958900
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Zurich, 1940. H Allegorien una' Embleme. Vienna, 1900. ALLEAU, ché. Aspects
de l'alchimie traditionnelle, Paris, 1952. * De la Nature des symboles. Paris, 1958
. ALLEN, Emory A. The Prehistoric World or Vanished Races. Cincinnati, 1885.
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X11] century. London, 1877. ALLEN, Maude Rex, Japanese Art Motives. Chicago
, 1917. ALLENDY, ~— Le S ymbolisme des nambres. Paris, 1948. AMADES,

Author: Jared M. Diamond
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Race Ethnicity And Migration In Modern Japan Race Ethnicity And Culture In Modern Japan

Author: Michael Weiner
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
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While the war may have been described as a divine mission to spread the
Imperial Way throughout the world, it was simultaneously perceived in Japanese
ruling circles as a life-or-death engagement through which the Japanese
themselves would hopefully recover a vanished state of moral excellence. The
most extreme statement of this may well have been a booklet published in
February 1942 by the Imperial Rule Assistance Association (IRAA), the sprawling
quasi-governmental ...

Prehistoric Man

Author: Daniel Wilson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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Researches Into the Origin of Civilisation in the Old and the New World Daniel
Wilson. coloured race for self-government. ... Meanwhile, the Emperor Soulouque
has been driven into exile ; his marshals, dukes, barons, and knights have
vanished with the fountain of such ques— tionable honours; and by a recent
enactment of the Legislative Chambers _of Hayti, the chief portions of the
extensive forfeited estates of the ex-emperor have been converted into rewards
for prolonged ...

William Wilfred Campbell

Author: Laurel Boone
Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
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trade in the world's history, which in remote ages was carried on in the region of
Lake Superior, And that perhaps with the tin of Cornwall furnished the material for
the famous bronze swords and shields of prehistoric northern Europe. Sir
Norman Lockyer, examined ... All race traditions of the great people of Europe,
Africa and Asia show that civilization came from the west of Europe and that part
of North Africa pointing to the famed region where Saturn and Atlas ruled. The
biblical and ...

Green Prism

Author: A. Hyatt Verrill
Publisher: eStar Books
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Had it been developed and brought to the attention of the world it might—and
unquestionably would—have been of inconceivable benefit to mankind, although
, on the other hand, it might have proved a curse. But, as has been the case with
... His interest in the ruins of a mysterious vanished race was wholly centered
upon the physics and mechanics of the stupendous works, while mine was as
equally centered upon the human or anthropological features. Hence our
interests never ...