Silas Marner

Author: George Eliot
Publisher: Can Yayınları
ISBN: 9750727924
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Yazar George Eliot'un bütün romanları içinde en sevdiği eser olan Silas Marner, içerdiği mizah, güçlü simgeler ve toplumsal eleştiri öğeleriyle kırsal kesimin yaşamını duyarlı, ama duygusal olmayan bir ustalıkla ...

Kendine Ait Bir Oda

Author: Virginia Wolf
ISBN: 6051764690
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" Kendine Ait Bir Oda, Virginia Woolf'un 1928 yılında kapılarını kadınlara yeni yeni açmakta olan Cambridge Üniversitesi'ndeki kız öğrencilere hitaben yaptığı bir konuşması üzerine şekillenmiştir. İngiltere'de ...

Identity And Ritual In A Japanese Diving Village

Author: Dolores P. Martinez
Publisher: Univ of Hawaii Pr
ISBN: 9780824826703
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village, they were meant to have certain duties and responsibilities that went
along with that role. A large part of these responsibilities involved the labor that
kept ... or marrying white-collar workers rather than divers or fishermen. One
fisherman told me that any idiot could buy a boat and nets and take ... Frequently
it appeared to be the second or third son who stayed behind to work in the area
and, eventually, inherit the household. Despite the theoretical importance of
primogeniture in ...

Documents Of The Assembly Of The State Of New York

Author: New York (State). Legislature. Assembly
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... chapter 18, part 1, concerning sidewalks, amended so far as relates to Malone
village.. Section 25, chapter 7, title 3, part 3, article 3, relative to proof of
acknowledgment of deeds by persons residing in foreign countries, amended . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . - - - - - - - - - - - - Title 1, chapter 16, part 1, amended, relative to roads
and bridges, and the appointment of overseers of highways.. Section 25, title 2,
chapter 5, part 2, “ of the custody and disposition of the estates of idiots, lunatics,
persons of ...

The Saturday Review Of Politics Literature Science And Art

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“He had always believed in the immortality of the soul,” says hisbiographer, “ and
as death approached him he recalled to mind these doctrines of religion which
the curé of his village had taught him in his boyish days. ... of Christian virtues,
and part1 because he thinks none but idiots could doubt that the French inte ect
has received a divine mission for the propagation of ideas throu bout the world,
and that, by all the rightsof primogeniture, “ lory ' isthe entailed inheritance of

The Law Dictionary Explaining The Rise Progress And Present State Of The British Law Etc The 4 Ed With Extensive Additions By Thomas Colpitts Granger

Author: Thomas Edlyne Tomlins
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In Wales an hundred villages; for the Welsh divide their counties into cantreds, as
the English do into hundreds. The word is used stat. 28 H. 8. c. 3. See Mon. Angl.
part. 1...fol. 319. where it is written Kantrep. CAPACITY, capacitas.] An ability, or
fitness to receive: and in law it is where ... Persons attainted of treason or felony,
idiots, lunatics, infants, feme coverts without their husbands, &c. are not capable
to make any deed of gift, grant, or conveyance, unless it be in some special cases