Tom Bedlam

Author: George Hagen
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0307548163
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For a factory urchin this is good luck indeed, and Tom is whisked away to an exclusive private boarding school called Hammer Hall.

Tom O Bedlam

Author: Robert Silverberg
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0575106336
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Tom O'Bedlam is a novel about a world in chaos, where all governmental
structures have collapsed and people can be sent off instantly to alien universes
at the whim of a madman. It was fitting enough that I should write such a book in
the winter of 1984–1985, during a time when my own life was being swept by
whirlwinds: I was between marriages, between publishers, and faced with
sudden enormous financial burdens, a problem I had never had to face before,
as I entered my ...

A Letter From Tom O Bedlam To The B

Author: Tom (o'Bedlam.)
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Of B---r's Jesuit Tom (o'Bedlam.) to ther of Heresies, Retratfion, Coysesfiom, Ab-t
solutions, limited and unlimited Power, abso* lute and indefeasible Right j
property; Mid ' im- . properly, Confusion,- Madness and Disorder y Oid Plato,
forgetting -his own Precepts of Morality, speaks loudly for Comnmmty of Wives j
unto which Socrates reply'd, with as much Vehemence as became his Gravity,
hut the Burthen of his Song was, a little more Money : .Jrloweyer, St. Cyprian -
would njjt al-, low ...

Tom Of Bedlam S Short Letter To His Cozen Tom W Lst N Occasioned By His Late Discourses On The Miracles Of Our Saviour

Author: Tom (o'Bedlam.)
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Tom (o'Bedlam.) Head, to precipitate a Vacancy as to the Former, or to crack an
impudent dull Jest on the L atter : But, really, there is a Semblance of both. 1
perceive your raving Fits grow upon yon, as Midsummer Moon advances \ and
am pcrlwadcd, that if you are not debarr'd from Pen, Ink, and Paper, in a Month's
Time more you'll write Treason. Who knows, Tom, but the Convocation may
shortly recommend your Discourses, and do both them and the Author all the
Justice they ...

Tom O Bedlam S R Mark On The Lambs This Season Of Sheep Shearing In A Letter To A Haberdasher In Politicks Near Exchange Alley With A Word To Punch By The By

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But now to the Matter in Hand \ first Live peaceably — Good Mr. Pr — d, did Tom
give you any other Reason to do otherwise, but that he took 6 I. for 20 /. per Ann.
being a Title unto which he was ordained > — Yes indeed, he prosecuted an
Hubble-bubble Intruder upon one of the Canons of the Church, and would not let
him incroach upon the Foundation both of his Canonical and Civil Right s a
Fellow that is as well qualified for a SchooL- Master, as you know who is for a

A Manual For The Collector And Amateur Of Old English Plays

Author: William Carew Hazlitt
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Tom Bedlam the Tinker : A play acted before James the First at Theobalds in
1617-8. Sir Thomas Dutton and others performed in it. Tom Essence ; or, the
Modish Wife : A comedy acted at the Duke's Theatre. 4to, 1677. Edward
Ravenscroft was probably the author of this play, which is founded on the Cocu
Imaginaire of Moliere, and the Don Casar d'Alvaros of Thomas Corneille ; the part
of Loveall's intrigue with Luce being borrowed from the latter ; and the whole
affair of Tom Essence ...

This Heart Within Me Burns From Bedlam To Benidorm Revised Updated

Author: Crissy Rock
Publisher: John Blake Publishing
ISBN: 1857827910
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Tom's eyeswere dazzled with the possible poundsigns. He wanted to movehouse
, figuringout that anactress who was working with Julie Walters deserved better. '
Youwouldn't seeJulie Walters living on a council estate,' he would say. Who was
he kidding? I wasn't inthe sameleague as Julie, I toldhim, and, anyway,I loved
living onthe councilestate. But he wanted a change and suggested webuy a
house. I confess,I liked the sound of it and thought that it might give Tom a new
interest in ...

Understanding King Lear

Author: Donna Woodford
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313319365
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inmates who had escaped or been released from Bedlam and who now survived
by begging, were common characters in sixteenth and seventeenth century folk
songs, as were the Abraham men, or im- posters who pretended to be mad
beggars from Bedlam in order to beg more effectively. The following anonymous
folk song is sung from the point of view of a Mad Tom. Since he is mad, much of
his song is ...