Portal Hypertension

Author: Kunio Okuda
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Turk Tip Cemiyeti Mecmuasi Ayri Baski 38: 497–502 Villeneuve JP, Huet PM,
Joly JG, Marleau M, Cote J, Legare A, Lafortune M, Lavoie P, Viallet A (1976)
Idiopathic portal hypertension. Am J Med 61: 459–464 Nundy S, Nayak NC (1983
) The relationship between non-cirrhotic portal fibrosis and extrahepatic portal-
splenic vein obstruction: A New Delhi study. In: Okuda K, Omata M (eds)
Idiopathic portal hypertension. University of Tokyo Press, Tokyo, pp 197–205
Okuda K, Nakashima ...

A Companion To Folklore

Author: Regina F. Bendix
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“On the Pursuit of a Nation: The Construction of Folk and Folk Music in the
Founding Decades of the Turkish Republic.” International Review of the ... A Den/
cographically Oriented Tale-Type Index. Bloomington: “Çopur Ali. ... “'F0lk,' The
Iournal of the International Association for Folklore and Ethnology (Müşterek
Folklor ve Etnoloji Cemiyeti Mecmuası), Ağustos, 1937.” Ulka 11(62): 189—192.
Fikirler-a. 1 9 3 5. “Türk Kadını Saylav. ” Fikirler 5(120): 1. Fikirler-b. 1938. “
Halkevi Haberleri.

Istanbul Under Allied Occupation 1918 1923

Author: N B Criss
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of Women), Osmanh Kadinlan £ahjtirma Cemiyeti (Ottoman Association for the
Employment of Women — for the war industry) and charity organizations. But the
ADWR was not ... The director of a Turkish theatrical company rejected the logic
of the ban, saying, The authorities grant permits to women who lead a loose life,
and these are even countersigned by physicians of the public health
administration. ... 19 Galip Ata, "Hammlann Tip Tahsili," Biiyiik Mecmua (October
2, 1919), p. 156.

The Oxford Handbook Of Islamic Philosophy

Author: Sabine Schmidtke
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In 1861, the Cemiyet-i İlmiye-yi Osmâniye (Ottoman Scientific Society) was
established as a civil society, though ... This society published Mecmua-i Fünûn (
Journal of Sciences), which as a policy focused on propagating modern science,
and explicitly refrained from engaging in any religiously or politically
controversial issue. ... This type of “secularism” was already making progress
through the new educational institutions that were independent of the traditional
madrasa system.

Rise Of The Bourgeoisie Demise Of Empire

Author: Fatma Muge Gocek
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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The association also published a periodical, The Journal of Sciences (Mecmua-i
Fiinun),53 which translated and popularized Western science among the
Ottomans. The Scientific Society (Cemiyet-i Ilmiye), founded in 1879-80, was
similarly established to diffuse Western science and technology in Ottoman
society. State regulations licensing such associations soon followed. In 1889, the
Ottoman juridical system licensed the establishment of such associations and in
1909 legislated ...

Syphilis Und Auge

Author: J. Igersheimer
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