Mazda Miata Performance Handbook

Author: Norman Garrett
ISBN: 9781610590716
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Wheels and Tires One of the best things you can do to improve the looks of a
Miata is to change the wheels. The stock tires and wheels are 14 inches in
diameter, and the stock tire size is 185/60x14. Going to a 15-, 16-, or even 1 7-
inch wheel can improve the looks immediately. However, due to some severe
engineering constraints, it's also one of the fastest ways to ruin the handling of a
Miata. The Miata wheel has three critical specifications: hubcentric collar
diameter, weight, and ...

Porsche High Performance Driving Handbook

Author: Vic Elford
ISBN: 9781616730550
Size: 62.30 MB
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From then on, the greater the slip angle of the front wheels the greater the
understeer will be. This is further aggravated on a front-wheel-drive car because
there is more weight over the front wheel, which makes it more difficult for the
tread patch on the road to follow the direction of the rim when the wheel is turned.
With a rear-wheel-drive car the opposite can be true. A Porsche 911, for example,
has only about 40 percent of its weight on the front wheels, so they will turn and
the tire will ...

Four Stroke Motocross And Off Road Performance Handbook

Author: Eric Gorr
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 0760340005
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the parts that connect the motorcycle to the dirt, wheels and tires play a role in
bike performance. You want a tire and tread design suited to your riding and
wheels that are strong enough to do the job, but light enough that the suspension
can push them back down as quickly as possible after a bump for maximum bike
traction and responsiveness. Wheels and tires are below the suspension and
therefore unsprung weight. Low unsprung weight provides better performance,
as long as ...

Jeep 4x4 Performance Handbook

Author: Jim Allen
ISBN: 9781616730536
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A certain amount of distortion is desirable for traction at low speeds and low
pressures, but it can get scary on the street at higher speeds. A larger diameter
reduces the tire profile while maintaining overall diameter. That combination
makes larger diameter tires safer and more streetable while not sacrificing trail
performance. The larger rim also leaves you more room for the oversized brakes
often necessary when you go to large tires. No clear consensus has emerged yet
on the point ...

Mazda Rx 7 Performance Handbook

Author: Mike Ancas
ISBN: 9781610590723
Size: 37.99 MB
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pound number, the stickier the tire. Of course, the stickier the tire, the quicker it
wears out. For the racers who have 13x7- inch wheels and feel like they can't be
competitive because their budget won't allow for 15xlO-inch slicks, there is an
alternative. Cantilever slicks are designed to fit on a 7-inch rim, but actually
extend around the wheel and have up to a 9.5-inch contact patch. Instant rim
enlargement! The new Michelin Pilot street tire uses similar technology. Even if
you only have a ...

Autocross Performance Handbook

Author: Richard Newton
ISBN: 9781616730567
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SUSPENSION continue* Stock Street Prepared Improved Modified BRAKE/
WHEEL/TIRE o E </> m > O o o o m Tire Size OEM Size Only Chart Abbreviations
: NCA = No Change Allowed. The listed item must be as was available from the
manufacturer as a standard feature or factory option in the United States or
Canada for the automobile's model and year. For Stock class, even wear and tear
items (excluding tires) must be comparable in construction and specification to
the originally ...

Motorcross And Off Road Motorcycle Performance Handbook

Author: Eric Gorr
ISBN: 9781610590921
Size: 53.90 MB
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You'll get better traction than with a full knobby tire. lf you ride strictly off-road and
you're looking for maximum traction, use the chapter on tires to select the right tire
for your needs. Don't ignore the inside of the tire! Most dual-sport bikes aren't
equipped with rim locks to prevent the tire from rotating on the rim. You'll need to
fit one rim lock to the front wheel and two rim locks to the rear wheel. Regarding
inner tubes, heavy-duty tubes are a must. lf you ride on terrain with sharp rocks
then ...