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Building Outrigger Sailing Canoes

Building Outrigger Sailing Canoes

Author: Gary Dierking
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071594566
Pages: 192
Year: 2007-09-05
Build the fastest, most exotic sailboats around! Popular in Hawaii and throughout the South Pacific and Indian Oceans, outrigger canoes combine the romance of the South Seas with a ruthless efficiency of design and breathtaking sailing performance. This is the first book to present complete plans and building instructions for three outrigger sailing canoes. Based on traditional Hawaiian and Micronesian types, the designs are lightweight, easy to build, and screamingly fast. Author Gary Dierking shows you how to build these boats using stitch-and-glue and strip-planking construction, explains what tools and materials are required, how to rig and equip the boats, and more.
Canoe Rig

Canoe Rig

Publisher: Adlard Coles
ISBN: 0713657529
Pages: 262
Year: 2000
Whether you are considering a new set of sails for your small yacht, thinking about a leeboard or just want ideas on how to steer a boat, this book contains all the information you need to make sails, build spars, leeboards or centreboards all backed up with measurements.
Outrigger canoes of Bali and Madura, Indonesia

Outrigger canoes of Bali and Madura, Indonesia

Author: G. Adrian Horridge
Publisher: Bishop Museum Pr
Pages: 178
Year: 1987

North Star to Southern Cross

North Star to Southern Cross

Author: Will Kyselka, Ray E. Lanterman
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 0824804198
Pages: 152
Year: 1976-01
Reveals the common metaphysical and religious roots of astronomy and astrology and relates facts about stars and constellations
Project Cheers

Project Cheers

Author: Jim Morris, Tom Follett, Dick Newick
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1523961163
Pages: 186
Year: 2016-05-17
'Project Cheers is a story of brilliant organization and endeavor by three men dedicated to an idea which many thought crazy. That idea was a fantastically fast twin hulled craft called Cheers, designed specifically by Dick Newick to win the Single-handed Transatlantic Race in 1968.' This is the second edition of this historically significant sailing classic since its first publishing in 1969. A website; http: // is ever developing to compliment the book. Photos, links, updates, bio's, and eventually video, complement the story.
The Cruising Multihull

The Cruising Multihull

Author: Chris White
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0070698686
Pages: 268
Year: 1996-09-01
Long typecast as the hotrods of the sea--fast but dangerous--modern cruising multihulls actually are among the safest and most comfortable cruising sailboats available. Modern multihulls offer significant advantages over single-hull sailboats: They sail faster, have more living space, they're more comfortable, more stable, they can sail safely in much shallower water, and, because their stability comes from widely spaced hulls and not from tons of lead hung off the keel, they don't sink. Given the ultimate disaster, which would you choose: A capsized yet habitable boat, floating awash, or a self-righting boat sitting at the bottom of the ocean? And multihulls are fast. A typical weekend cruiser's circle of operations might double if he switches to a multihull. A transatlantic voyage might be cut by a third. No less an organization than the U.S. Navy decided that applications requiring an extremely steady platform at sea were best suited to, of all things, a catamaran. The Cruising Multihull supplies the reader with all the latest information about design, construction, rigs, seamanship, safety, and a point-by-point rebuttal of the "accepted wisdom" concerning multihull dangers. It will help you decide whether a multihull is right for you; which multihull--cat or tri--is best for your needs; whether you should build one yourself, have one built, or buy one off the rack. And, of course, The Cruising Multihull shows you how to get the most from your boat. "I don't know of a more thorough survey of modern cruising multihulls than this book. For strangers to these boats who want to know more about them, as well as for multihull sailors eager to learn from a capable, articulate designer and sailor with his own point of view, I enthusiastically recommend The Cruising Multihull."--John Rousmaniere "Finally, a multihull voice which does not proselytize. Instead, logic and information pack the pages of Chris White's . . . The Cruising Multihull."--WoodenBoat
More Small Trimarans

More Small Trimarans

Author: Joe Farinaccio
Publisher: Bookspecs Publishing
ISBN: 097214613X
Pages: 296
Year: 2010
More Small Trimarans ... More Information Sailors and Prospective Boat Builders Want to Know About Today's Production & Homebuilt Small Trimarans. Here is another opportunity for you to sit down with the experts and get your questions answered about the fascinating small trimarans out there! This book pics up where Small Trimarans: An Introduction leaves off. It's a "behind-the-scenes" look at the following models ... -- The Tri-Star 18 ... with contribution from Ed Horstman -- The Strike 18 ... with Richard Woods -- The Nicky Cruz Explorer ... with Graeme Delaveau -- The W17 & W22 ... with Michael Waters -- The Tridarka Raider ... with Steve Isaac & Matt Layden -- The Bandit 800 ... with Ronan Quin-Huard -- The Astus Tris ... with Pascal Guignabaudet -- The Tritium 720 ... with Paolo Bisol -- The Predator(s) ... with Paul Dawson -- The Sardine Run ... with Eric Henseval -- The model now called "Moving Finger" ... with Tony Grainger -- The Adventure Tri ... with Mark Zollitsch -- The Kolibri 23 ... with Francois Maillette -- The Little Wing Kayak Tri ... with Ted & Zac Warren -- The Challenger ... with Rob White -- The CC Cyclone 23 ... with John Marples -- The Searunner 25 ... with Jim Brown Your Questions About These Small Tris Answered ... * The story behind each boat * Why each sailboat is unique * Biggest benefits of each design * Their performance and speed * More pictures and/or renderings of these small trimarans * Unique insights and opinions from each designer * What model may be best for you to buy or build Find out why these small sailboats are among the most exciting ones ever designed and enjoyed by sailors around the world
Fuselage Frame Boats

Fuselage Frame Boats

Author: S. Horton
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 0615495567
Pages: 158
Year: 2011-07
NOW WITH METRIC OFFSETS! Tired of struggling with that heavy plastic kayak? Are you looking for a lightweight boat but not willing to take out a second mortgage to buy it? What if I told you that you could build a boat weighting less than 35 lbs for $300 to $500? You can and in my new book I will show you how. This style was very popular in the 1950's and 1960's and many boat plans appeared in magazines such as Popular Mechanics and Popular Science. Even though it is no longer fashionable in the magazines, the fuselage style of construction is still probably the most cost effective way to build a small boat. Recently I have seen a renewed interest in this type of boat construction. People are rediscovering the advantages of Fuselage style Skin Boats. Fuselage frames boats cost very little to build. A sheet of marine plywood, a lightweight wood such as cedar for the stringers, a few yards of a synthetic fabric for the skin and something to waterproof the skin. Materials for a basic 17' kayak cost around $300. Adding a seat, deck rigging and adjustable footrest would add another $100 to $150 dollars depending on your preferences. For somewhere around $400 you can build a high performance, 30-35 lbs boat. A composite construction canoe or kayak of similar weight would cost thousands of dollars. This book will walk you through the process of building your own Skin on Frame canoe or kayak. I start by addressing the space needed to build a boat as well as tools needed. There is a detailed section on laying out the frames from a table of offsets. Progressing to how to assemble the frame, skinning the boat and through all the steps to preparing your boat for launching. Included are offsets for three of my boat designs. The StoneFly canoe, Curlew, a 15' Sea Kayak and new sea kayak design Pouco Barta.
Building the Greenland Kayak

Building the Greenland Kayak

Author: Christopher Cunningham
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071392378
Pages: 240
Year: 2002-12-17
This step-by-step guide to building a lashed-frame, fabriccovered sea kayak is both a means to a sleek, fast, universally admired boat and an excellent introduction to woodworking and boatbuilding for hobbyists. The Inuit design scales up or down to fit the paddler and can be built using $150 worth of hardware-store materials, a few basic tools, and a minimal investment of time. Also included: plans for a low-volume version designed for Eskimo rolling; an especially stable version for children; and discussions of kayaking equipment, paddling, and rolling techniques.
The Mountaineering Handbook

The Mountaineering Handbook

Author: Craig Connally
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071780068
Pages: 384
Year: 2004-12-31
Modern Mountaineering on Alpine Rock, Snow, and Ice If your experience as a backpacker or rock climber is drawing you higher; if the cold, remote alpine environment calls you nearer, this book is for you. The Mountaineering Handbook will teach you the skills that will take you to the top. Even if you’re already an experienced mountaineer, you’ll find detailed descriptions of the newest and most effective techniques to refine and organize your methods and equipment. The Mountaineering Handbook isn't mired in outdated traditionalism; its new-school techniques are safer, more effective, and more fun for mountaineers at every level. With constant emphasis on light, fast, and efficient mountaineering, Craig Connally shows you how to: Move quickly up and down rock, snow, and ice with appropriate safety systems Manage mountain hazards, including rockfall, avalanche, lightning, and high-altitude illness Select the best equipment for your personal style and objectives Maintain sound nutrition and training according to the most up-to-date science Understand the human factors of mountaineering--the social and psychological forces that influence critical decisions Connally’s passion for mountaineering is evident in his writing--The Mountaineering Handbook is clever, insightful, and entertaining. He intends to move mountaineering into the twenty-first century, but he’s also determined to turn the traditional how-to book on its ear by injecting personality, humor, and thoughtfulness into every page.
Boat-Building and Boating

Boat-Building and Boating

Author: Daniel Carter Beard
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 146559499X
Year: 2015-09-11
There is a widespread notion that all wood will float on water, and this idea often leads to laughable errors. I know a lot of young backwoods farmers who launched a raft of green oak logs, and were as much astonished to see their craft settle quietly to the bottom of the lake as they would have been to see the leaden sinkers of their fish-lines dance lightly on the surface of the waves. The young fellows used a day's time to discover what they might have learned in a few moments by watching the chips sink when they struck the water as they flew from the skilful blows of their axes. The stream which cuts your trail is not always provided with bridges of fallen trees. It may be a river too deep to ford and too wide to be bridged by a chance log. Of course it is a simple matter to swim, but the weather may be cold and the water still colder; besides this, you will probably be encumbered with a lot of camp equipageÑyour gun, rod, and cameraÑnone of which will be improved by a plunge in the water. Or it may so happen that you are on the shores of a lake unsupplied with boats, and you have good reasons for supposing that big fish lurk in some particular spot out of reach from the shore. A thousand and one emergencies may arise when a craft of some kind will be not only a great convenience, but almost a necessity. Under these circumstances a Logomaran may be constructed in a very short time which can bear you and your pack safely to the desired goal. In the Rocky, Cascade, and Selkirk Mountains, the lakes and streams have their shores plentifully supplied with "whim sticks," logs of fine dry timber, which the freshets have brought down from the mountain sides and which the rocks and surging torrents have denuded of bark. These whim sticks are of all sizes, and as sound and perfect as kiln-dried logs. Even in the mountains of Pennsylvania, where the lumberman's axe years ago laid waste the primeval forest, where the saw-mills have devoured the second growth, the tie-hunter the third growth, the excelsior-mills and birch-beer factories the saplings, I still find good sound white pine-log whim sticks strewn along the shores of the lakes and streams, timber which is suitable for temporary rafts and logomarans. In the North Woods, where in many localities the original forest is untouched by the devouring pulp-mills, suitable timber is not difficult to find; so let the green wood stand and select a log of dry wood from the shore where the floods or ice have deposited it. Cut it into a convenient length, and with a lever made of a good stout sapling, and a fulcrum of a stone or chunk of wood, pry the log from its resting-place and roll it into the shallow water.
Instant Boats

Instant Boats

Author: Harold Payson
Publisher: Wooden Boat Publications
ISBN: 1934982083
Pages: 136
Year: 2001
How to build simple, well-designed plywood boats without a complicated building jig, featuring complete scaled-down plans for five easily-built boats designed by Phil Bolger. From a small punt to a 31' daysailer with a schooner rig. The step-by-step example being a 12' double-ended sailing skiff.
Boat Plans at Mystic Seaport

Boat Plans at Mystic Seaport

Author: Anne Bray, Maynard Bray
Publisher: Mystic Seaport Museum
ISBN: 0913372862
Pages: 207
Year: 2000-01-01

Stitch-and-Glue Boatbuilding

Stitch-and-Glue Boatbuilding

Author: Chris Kulczycki
Publisher: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
ISBN: 0071440933
Pages: 256
Year: 2005-06-17
In Stitch-and-Glue Boatbuilding, one of the leading practitioners and teachers of the craft assembles the definitive how-to manual for the most popular method of amateur boatbuilding today. Enlivened with tales of boat shop mishaps and designs gone bad that entertain as they instruct, this invaluable book includes full plans and assembly instructions for nine boats--seven kayaks, a sailing skiff, and a wherry. Step-by-step photos and drawings make this an ideal guide for visual learners.
Building Strip-Planked Boats

Building Strip-Planked Boats

Author: Nick Schade
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071643370
Pages: 288
Year: 2008-11-14
The first comprehensive book on stripbuilding almost any type of small boat Strip-planking is a popular method of amateur boat construction, but until now there has never been a book that showed how to use it for more than one type of boat. Author Nick Schade presents complete plans for three boats of different types (canoe, kayak, and a dinghy) and shows you step-by-step how to build them. Written for all amateur builders, the book covers materials, tools, and safety issues.