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Das Beste, was wir tun können, ist nichts

Das Beste, was wir tun können, ist nichts

Author: Björn Kern
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104036632
Pages: 256
Year: 2016-03-10
»Nichtstun heißt ja nicht, dass ich nichts tue. Nichtstun heißt, die falschen Dinge sein zu lassen.« In seinem neuen Buch ›Das Beste, was wir tun können, ist nichts‹ erzählt der preisgekrönte Schriftsteller Björn Kern, wovon wir alle träumen: Mehr Zeit, weniger Arbeit, mehr Leben. Wunderbar komisch und charmant schildert er seinen ganz eigenen Abschied von Fleiß und Tatendrang hin zu mehr Gelassenheit. »Früher war ich effizient, leistete sogar Multitasking. Eine scheußliche Fähigkeit, die einem noch fragilen Nichtstun schnell Schaden zufügt. Es kam vor, dass ich links das Kind auf dem Arm hielt, während ich rechts die Maus bediente, dabei aber telefonierte. In meinen dunkelsten Stunden kaufte ich bei Tchibo ein und rief bei Hotlines an. Bis mir klar wurde: So konnte es nicht weitergehen. Was war zu tun? Irgendwann ging es mir auf: Nichts!« Björn Kern beschließt, auf einen alten Hof in den verlassenen Weiten des Oderbruchs zu ziehen. Seither arbeitet er so wenig wie möglich und verbringt seine Tage größtenteils auf einer Bank unter einem Birnbaum. Von dort aus erzählt er ebenso inspirierende wie pointierte Geschichten vom Nichtstun, in denen er nicht zuletzt auf ganz praktische Fragen eingeht: Ich habe einen Job, den ich nicht kündigen kann – was tun? Wie schaffe ich es, keinen neuen Rechner und kein neues Smartphone zu kaufen, geschweige denn eine Klappsense vom Baumarkt mit Plastikgriff? Warum macht Nichtstun so glücklich und rettet nebenbei auch noch die Welt? ›Das Beste, was wir tun können, ist nichts‹ ist Memoir und Manifest zugleich, Anleitung und Aufruf an alle, die vor »zu viel Arbeit« und »zu wenig Zeit« gerade dabei sind, das Beste im Leben zu verpassen.
Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go

Author: Kazuo Ishiguro
Publisher: Vintage Books Canada
ISBN: 0307400999
Pages: 304
Year: 2010-08-31
A meditation on mortality and lost innocence: a portrait of adolescence as that hinge moment in life when self-knowledge brings intimations of one's destiny.
Doing Good Better

Doing Good Better

Author: William MacAskill
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1592409660
Pages: 272
Year: 2016-08-02
" ... MacAskill and his colleagues developed effective altruism - a practical, data-driven approach to doing good that allows us to make a tremendous difference regardless of our resources. Effective altruists operate by asking certain key questions, which force them to think differently, overcome biases, and use evidence and careful reasoning rather than act on impulse."--Page 4 of cover.
How Democracies Die

How Democracies Die

Author: Steven Levitsky, Daniel Ziblatt
Publisher: Crown
ISBN: 1524762938
Pages: 320
Year: 2018
Fateful alliances -- Gatekeeping in America -- The great Republican abdication -- Subverting democracy -- The guardrails of democracy -- The unwritten rules of American politics -- The unraveling -- Trump against the guardrails -- Saving democracy


Author: Christian Reuter
Publisher: Tredition Classics
ISBN: 3847264907
Pages: 136
Year: 2012-05
Diese Hardcover-Ausgabe ist Teil der TREDITION CLASSICS. Der Verlag tredition aus Hamburg veroffentlicht in der Buchreihe TREDITION CLASSICS Werke aus mehr als zwei Jahrtausenden. Diese waren zu einem Grossteil vergriffen oder nur noch antiquarisch erhaltlich. Mit TREDITION CLASSICS verfolgt tredition das Ziel, tausende Klassiker der Weltliteratur verschiedener Sprachen wieder als gedruckte Bucher zu verlegen - und das weltweit! Die Buchreihe dient zur Bewahrung der Literatur und Forderung der Kultur. Sie tragt so dazu bei, dass viele tausend Werke nicht in Vergessenheit geraten
Heather, the Totality

Heather, the Totality

Author: Matthew Weiner
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0316435309
Pages: 144
Year: 2017-11-07
The explosive debut novel - about family, power and privilege - from the creator of the award-winning Mad Men. Named a Barnes & Noble Best Book of the Year Mark and Karen Breakstone have constructed the idyllic life of wealth and status they always wanted, made complete by their beautiful and extraordinary daughter Heather. But they are still not quite at the top. When the new owners of the penthouse above them begin construction, an unstable stranger penetrates the security of their comfortable lives and threatens to destroy everything they've created.
The Outsider

The Outsider

Author: Frederick Forsyth
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698407121
Pages: 352
Year: 2015-10-06
From Frederick Forsyth, the grand master of international suspense, comes his most intriguing story ever—his own. For more than forty years, Frederick Forsyth has been writing extraordinary real-world novels of intrigue, from the groundbreaking The Day of the Jackal to the prescient The Kill List. Whether writing about the murky world of arms dealers, the shadowy Nazi underground movement, or the intricacies of worldwide drug cartels, every plot has been chillingly plausible because every detail has been minutely researched. But what most people don’t know is that some of his greatest stories of intrigue have been in his own life. He was the RAF’s youngest pilot at the age of nineteen, barely escaped the wrath of an arms dealer in Hamburg, got strafed by a MiG during the Nigerian civil war, landed during a bloody coup in Guinea-Bissau (and was accused of helping fund a 1973 coup in Equatorial Guinea). The Stasi arrested him, the Israelis feted him, the IRA threatened him, and a certain attractive Czech secret police agent—well, her actions were a bit more intimate. And that’s just for starters. It is a memoir like no other—and a book of pure delight. From the Hardcover edition.
High Risk

High Risk

Author: Simona Ahrnstedt
Publisher: Kensington
ISBN: 1496706242
Pages: 336
Year: 2018-03-27
A novel of betrayal and passion in a frozen landscape far from the city lights, by the bestselling author of All In and Falling . . . Ambra Vinter dreams of making it to the top of her chosen field. But instead, the beautiful young journalist is sent on assignment to Kiruna, a tiny mining town far north of Stockholm, chasing after yesterday’s news. In December, this is a place on the edge of darkness—and Ambra’s memories of it are just as bleak, for it is where she once suffered at the hands of a brutal foster father. Yet it is here, in the middle of nowhere, that she meets a man who takes her breath away . . . Tom Lexington has left Special Forces for a career in private security. But he is still haunted by a mission that almost cost him his life—and by the woman who shattered his heart. When he meets Ambra in a café, she brings a promise of light, and heat, to his life—if he dares to let go of all he’s been holding onto. Now, as Ambra risks looking more closely at her own painful past, and stumbles into a story that’s hotter than she ever expected, she and Tom must decide whether to take a chance on each other and come in from the cold . . . Praise for All In “Sexy, smart, and completely unputdownable. Breathtaking, from start to finish.” —New York Times bestselling author Tessa Dare “A compelling story that has heat and heart.” —New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown “I've been searching for this feeling all year: this book left me absolutely breathless.” —New York Times bestselling author Christina Lauren
Theologian of Resistance

Theologian of Resistance

Author: Christiane Tietz
Publisher: Fortress Press
ISBN: 1506408451
Pages: 150
Year: 2016-09-01
Since Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s death in 1945, executed by the Nazis as a political dissident, he has continued to fascinate and compel readers as a theologian, witness, and martyr. Bonhoeffer’s theological brilliance, committed discipleship, ecumenical insight, and courageous participation in the struggle against fascism have profoundly shaped contemporary Christian understanding and action. In John W. de Gruchy’s estimate, had Bonhoeffer lived “he might have dominated the theological scene in the second half of the twentieth century in succession to Karl Barth, Rudolf Bultmann, and Paul Tillich. As it was, he became the paradigmatic martyr-theologian” for our time. In this new biography, Christiane Dietz masterfully portrays the interconnectedness of Bonhoeffer’s life and thought, theology and politics, discipleship, witness, and resistance, tracing the path from his childhood to his imprisonment and execution. Brief, lucid, and imminently accessible, Tietz’s new account brings Bonhoeffer’s story and work to life in a vivid retelling, unfolding his important and widely read texts, and including new, previously unseen pictures.


Author: Jeff Walker
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
ISBN: 1630470171
Pages: 206
Year: 2014-06-24
Revealing the secrets to engineering success that will change the future of a business, an Internet entrepreneur offers a how-to manual for launching a successful product or business in an increasingly digital world.
How to Be Idle

How to Be Idle

Author: Tom Hodgkinson
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 006231341X
Pages: 304
Year: 2013-07-30
From the founding editor of The Idler, the celebrated magazine about the freedom and fine art of doing nothing, comes not simply a book, but an antidote to our work-obsessed culture. In How to Be Idle, Tom Hodgkinson presents his learned yet whimsical argument for a new universal standard of living: being happy doing nothing. He covers a whole spectrum of issues affecting the modern idler—sleep, work, pleasure, relationships—while reflecting on the writing of such famous apologists for it as Oscar Wilde, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Nietzsche—all of whom have admitted to doing their very best work in bed.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original Screenplay

Author: J.K. Rowling
Publisher: Pottermore Publishing
ISBN: 1781109605
Pages: 304
Year: 2016-11-18
When Magizoologist Newt Scamander arrives in New York, he intends his stay to be just a brief stopover. However, when his magical case is misplaced and some of Newt's fantastic beasts escape, it spells trouble for everyone... Inspired by the original Hogwart’s textbook by Newt Scamander, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Original screenplay marks the screenwriting debut of J.K. Rowling, author of the beloved and internationally bestselling Harry Potter books. A feat of imagination and featuring a cast of remarkable characters and magical creatures, this is epic adventure-packed storytelling at its very best. Whether an existing fan or new to the wizarding world, this is a perfect addition for any film lover or reader’s bookshelf. The film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will have its theatrical release on 18th November 2016.
Hana's Suitcase

Hana's Suitcase

Author: Karen Levine
Publisher: Albert Whitman and Company
ISBN: 0807531472
Pages: 120
Year: 2003-01-01
A biography of a Czech girl who died in the Holocaust, told in alternating chapters with an account of how the curator of a Japanese Holocaust center learned about her life after Hana's suitcase was sent to her.


Author: Christina Dalcher
Publisher: Thorndike Press Large Print
ISBN: 1432855913
Pages: 532
Year: 2018-09-05
One of Entertainment Weekly's and SheReads' books to read after The Handmaid's Tale Set in an America where half the population has been silenced, VOX is the harrowing, unforgettable story of what one woman will do to protect herself and her daughter. On the day the government decrees that women are no longer allowed more than 100 words daily, Dr. Jean McClellan is in denial--this can't happen here. Not in America. Not to her. This is just the beginning. Soon women can no longer hold jobs. Girls are no longer taught to read or write. Females no longer have a voice. Before, the average person spoke sixteen thousand words a day, but now women only have one hundred to make themselves heard. But this is not the end. For herself, her daughter, and every woman silenced, Jean will reclaim her voice.


Author: Reiner Stach
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691147418
Pages: 581
Year: 2013-06-09
This is the acclaimed central volume of the definitive biography of Franz Kafka. Reiner Stach spent more than a decade working with over four thousand pages of journals, letters, and literary fragments, many never before available, to re-create the atmosphere in which Kafka lived and worked from 1910 to 1915, the most important and best-documented years of his life. This period, which would prove crucial to Kafka's writing and set the course for the rest of his life, saw him working with astonishing intensity on his most seminal writings--The Trial, The Metamorphosis, The Man Who Disappeared (Amerika), and The Judgment. These are also the years of Kafka's fascination with Zionism; of his tumultuous engagement to Felice Bauer; and of the outbreak of World War I. Kafka: The Decisive Years is at once an extraordinary portrait of the writer and a startlingly original contribution to the art of literary biography.