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Smarter Trading

Smarter Trading

Author: Perry J. Kaufman
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0070340021
Pages: 252
Year: 1995-01
This work examines how traders can identify and adapt to changes in the market. The author aims to help financial professionals cope with financial-market uncertainty by creating a robust trading model that adapts quickly to market changes and yields stronger, more predictable results. He also shows readers how to make sense of the hi-tech trading technologies - including neural networks, fuzzy logic, expert systems, chaos and fractals - and align these with their own trading strategies.
Essentials of Economics

Essentials of Economics

Author: Paul Krugman, Robin Wells, Kathryn Graddy
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1429218290
Pages: 561
Year: 2010-10-01
Check out preview content for Essentials of Economics here. Essentials of Economics brings the same captivating writing and innovative features of Krugman/Wells to the one-term economics course. Adapted by Kathryn Graddy, it is the ideal text for teaching basic economic principles, with enough real-world applications to help students see the applicability, but not so much detail as to overwhelm them. Watch a video interview of Paul Krugman here.
The Accidental Billionaires

The Accidental Billionaires

Author: Ben Mezrich
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 0385532199
Pages: 288
Year: 2009-07-14
NATIONAL BESTSELLER “The Social Network, the much anticipated movie…adapted from Ben Mezrich’s book The Accidental Billionaires.” —The New York Times Best friends Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg had spent many lonely nights looking for a way to stand out among Harvard University’s elite, competitive, and accomplished student body. Then, in 2003, Zuckerberg hacked into Harvard’s computers, crashed the campus network, almost got himself expelled, and was inspired to create Facebook, the social networking site that has since revolutionized communication around the world. With Saverin’s funding their tiny start-up went from dorm room to Silicon Valley. But conflicting ideas about Facebook’s future transformed the friends into enemies. Soon, the undergraduate exuberance that marked their collaboration turned into out-and-out warfare as it fell prey to the adult world of venture capitalists, big money, and lawyers. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Nothing Lasts Forever (Basis for the film Die Hard)

Nothing Lasts Forever (Basis for the film Die Hard)

Author: Roderick Thorp
Publisher: Graymalkin Media
ISBN: 193516984X
Pages: 246
Year: 2012-12-17
High atop a Los Angeles skyscraper, an office Christmas party turns into a deadly cage-match between a lone New York City cop and a gang of international terrorists. Every action fan knows it could only be the explosive big-screen blockbuster Die Hard. But before Bruce Willis blew away audiences as unstoppable hero John McClane, author Roderick Thorp knocked out thriller readers with the bestseller that started it all. A dozen heavily armed terrorists have taken hostages, issued demands, and promised bloodshed — all according to plan. But they haven’t counted on a death-defying, one-man cavalry with no shoes, no backup, and no intention of going down easily. As hot-headed cops swarm outside, and cold-blooded killers wield machine guns and rocket launchers inside, the stage is set for the ultimate showdown between anti-hero and uber-villains. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good fight... to the death. Ho ho ho!
Toradora! (Light Novel)

Toradora! (Light Novel)

Author: Yuyuko Takemiya
Publisher: Seven Seas
ISBN: 1626928614
Pages: 240
Year: 2018-08-07
The original light novel that inspired the hit manga and anime series! Takasu Ryuuji has learned the hard way that appearances can be deceiving. For despite his inwardly sweet personality, his unintentionally sharp gaze and aggressive features give him the air of a delinquent thug, putting his chances at making new friends, let alone a girlfriend, next to zero. It’s Ryuuji’s first day of his second year of high school and it seems as if things are looking up. He gets to sit in between his only friend, Yuusaku, and more importantly, the girl he’s secretly crushing on, Kushieda Minori. But just when he thinks the stars are aligned in his favor, he unwittingly crosses the most feared girl in school, Aisaka Taiga, making her into his arch enemy. To top it off, Taiga has moved in right next door to Ryuuji and happens to be Minori’s best friend! Can this school year possibly get any worse?!
Secrets to a Successful Eviction for Landlords and Rental Property Managers

Secrets to a Successful Eviction for Landlords and Rental Property Managers

Author: Carolyn Gibson
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company
ISBN: 1601382723
Pages: 288
Year: 2008
This is a guide for those landlords who have purchased rental income property and need the knowledge and skills to manage a problem tenant.


Author: Wai-Yee Chen
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111833924X
Pages: 250
Year: 2013-07-26
Rewire your brain for investing success As an investment advisor to high net worth individuals, Wai-Yee Chen has spent years watching her clients make investment decisions—some good decisions and some not-so-good decisions. Though confronted by the same market variables, those clients often make very different choices with very different results. Here, Chen argues that it's usually not the data that affects investor decision-making as much as the way investors themselves think. In NeuroInvesting, Chen argues that investors can change the way they think in order to change the way they invest. She presents four elements that affect investor decision-making and reveals how investors can rewire their brains to make better investing decisions for better returns. Uses neuroscience to explain how successful investors think different Written by an experienced investment advisor who works at one of Australia's premier retail brokers Explains investing using real-world stories about investors from an advisor's perspective When it comes to investing, how you think has a huge impact on how you make investing decisions. Based on the real science of how people think, NeuroInvesting offers every investor a chance to change the way they invest by changing the way they think.
White Fang

White Fang

Author: Jack London
Publisher: BookRix
ISBN: 3736804261
Pages: 289
Year: 2018-04-25
White Fang is a novel by American author Jack London and the name of the book's eponymous character, a wild wolf-dog. Much of White Fang is written from the viewpoint of the titular canine character, enabling London to explore how animals view their world and how they view humans. White Fang examines the violent world of wild animals and the equally violent world of humans. The book also explores complex themes including morality and redemption. The story begins before the three-quarters wolf-dog hybrid is born, with two men and their sled dog team on a journey to deliver a coffin to a remote town named Fort McGurry in the higher area of the Yukon Territory, Canada. The men, Bill and Henry, are stalked by a large pack of starving wolves over the course of several days. Finally, after all of their dogs and Bill have been eaten, four more teams find Henry trying to escape from the wolves; the wolf pack scatters when they hear the large group of people coming. The story then follows the pack, which has been robbed of its last prey. When the pack finally brings down a moose, the famine is ended; they eventually split up, and the story now follows a she-wolf and her mate, One Eye. The she-wolf gives birth to a litter of five cubs by the Mackenzie River, and all but one die from hunger. One Eye is killed by a lynx while trying to rob its den for food for the she-wolf and her cub; his mate later discovers his remains near the lynx's den. The surviving cub and the she-wolf are left to fend for themselves. Shortly afterward, the she-wolf kills all the lynx kittens, prompting the lynx to track her down, and a vicious fight breaks out. The she-wolf eventually kills the lynx but suffers severe injury; the lynx carcass is devoured over a period of seven days.
The Dark Knight Returns: the Last Crusade

The Dark Knight Returns: the Last Crusade

Author: Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello
ISBN: 1401265065
Pages: 64
Year: 2016-11-08
One of the most highly anticipated prequels of all-time is finally here in THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS: THE LAST CRUSADE! He changed the history of the comic book industry in 1984 with the release of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS and now Frank Miller is back to tell the story before that story! Frank Miller re-teams with his DAREDEVIL: THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR collaborator, John Romita Jr. to tell the story set just before the start of the seminal graphic novel BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT REUTURNS begins. Featuring appearances by the Joker, Poison Ivy, Selina Kyle and the last Robin, this prequel story reveals Who the Dark Knight before he became the elder-statesmen super-hero from Miller legendary Dark Knight saga. Collects THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS: THE LAST CRUSADE #1 and exclusive bonus material.
Conflict Free Living

Conflict Free Living

Author: Joyce Meyer
Publisher: Charisma Media
ISBN: 1599793563
Pages: 240
Year: 2013-10-01
Why Is Life So Difficult? Interpersonal conflict is causing serious damage and difficulties in our lives. Its destructive effects are straining marriages, embittering our children, and causing discord in our churches. Even our daily commute is often affected by hostility and aggression. What if things could be different? What if every area of your life (yes, even your morning commute) could be free from conflict and strife? What if ALL of your relationships could be filled with love and excitement? New York Times best-selling author Joyce Meyer wants you to know that this is possible! In Conflict-Free Living she weaves together personal experiences with solid instruction from the Bible. In her unique style she demonstrates clearly how you can experience healthy, happy relationships in your own life. Each chapter includes summary information and questions that will help you open your eyes to the destructive effects of conflict in your life and the lives of your loved ones and root out its causes. Discover the joy of a peaceful life today!
Geography of Elections (Routledge Library Editions: Political Geography)

Geography of Elections (Routledge Library Editions: Political Geography)

Author: Peter J. Taylor, Ron Johnston
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317601874
Pages: 526
Year: 2014-10-03
Within an international framework, this work provides a fully comprehensive approach to the geographical coverage of elections. Numerous applications of ideas and concepts from human geography are incorporated into a new political context, illustrating the manner in which electoral patterns reflect and help produce the overall geography of a region or state. Discussions of various topics are well supported by numerous maps and diagrams which help clarify arguments and serve to define elections within their basic geographical context.
Batman Begins

Batman Begins

Author: Editors of DC Comics
Publisher: Time Home Entertainment
ISBN: 1932994181
Pages: 160
Year: 2005-06-15
Presents a guide to the motion picture in which Bruce Wayne deals with his parents' murder and begins the transformation which returns him to Gotham City as Batman, a protector against crime and injustice.
How Does Foreign Direct Investment Affect Economic Growth

How Does Foreign Direct Investment Affect Economic Growth

Author: Jong-Wha Lee, Mr. Jose De Gregorio, Mr. Eduardo Borensztein
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 145278857X
Pages: 26
Year: 1994-09-01
We test the effect of foreign direct investment (FDI) on economic growth in a cross-country regression framework, utilizing data on FDI flows from industrial countries to 69 developing countries over the last two decades. Our results suggest that FDI is an important vehicle for the transfer of technology, contributing relatively more to growth than domestic investment. However, the higher productivity of FDI holds only when the host country has a minimum threshold stock of human capital. In addition, FDI has the effect of increasing total investment in the economy more than one for one, which suggests the predominance of complementarity effects with domestic firms.
The Method Actors

The Method Actors

Author: Carl Shuker
Publisher: Counterpoint Press
ISBN: 1593760655
Pages: 492
Year: 2005
The disappearence of a young military historian in Tokyo prompts his sister to search for him, embarking on a journey that will take her to several countries and into the network of young expatriots. Original. A first novel.
Critical Thinking in the 21st Century Classroom

Critical Thinking in the 21st Century Classroom

Author: Monica Sevilla
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1480076732
Pages: 66
Year: 2012-10-08
Critical Thinking in the 21st Century Classroom is an essential guide for teachers who want to promote evaluative thinking, problem solving, and independent learning in their classrooms. Monica Sevilla gives you valuable insight into the benefits of learning how to think critically and how to develop standards-based lessons, activities, and projects with use of the higher order thinking skills to fully develop your students thinking skills and potential. Important strategies and tips for effective student learning are also included in this must-have book.